Audit Committee

Tobii has an Audit Committee consisting of three members: Åsa Hedin, Charlotta Falvin and Nils Bernhard.

The Audit Committee shall, without prejudice to the Board's responsibilities and tasks, monitor the company's financial reporting, monitor the effectiveness of the company's internal controls, internal audit and risk management, keep informed about the audit of the financial statements, review and monitor auditors' impartiality and independence, and pay particular attention to whether auditors assist the company with other non-audit services, and assist in the preparation of proposals to the Annual General Meeting and election of auditors.

Compensation Committee

Tobii has a Compensation Committee consisting of three members: Kent Sander, Jörgen Lantto and Jan Wäreby.

The Compensation Committee shall prepare matters regarding remuneration principles, compensation and other terms of employment for the CEO and senior executives.