Remuneration and incentive program

The following resolutions were passed at the Tobii AGM on May 9, 2019.

Incentive Program

The 2019 Annual General meeting resolved to implement a long-term incentive program and to issue new shares of not more than 1,260,000 warrants. The program comprises 2 series of warrants. More information can be found in the Bulletin from AGM in Tobii AB, May 9, 2019.

Remuneration to the Group Management

The remuneration to the President and other member of Group Management consist of fixed salary, variable salary, long term incentive program, other benefits and pension. Remuneration, including long term share based program, for 2018 is described in the Tobii AB Annual Report 2018, note 8.

Remuneration to the Board of Directors

The AGM further resolved that the remuneration to the board of directors shall be allocated with SEK 575,000 to the chairman of the board and SEK 225,000 to each other member of the board of directors not employed by the company. For more information, please see the Bulletin from AGM 10 Tobii AB, May 9, 2019.  Remuneration to the Board of Directors, for 2018, is described in the Tobii AB Annual Report 2018, note 8.