The basis of Tobii’s sustainability agenda is to create long-term value and to transform and improve lives and entire industries through technology adapted to humans.

Our sustainability work

One of the strongest driving forces at Tobii is to provide first-class products and services to our customers and users. Tobii’s employees should have a fun and challenging job, while having the opportunity to be inspired by a higher purpose.

Moreover, Tobii should advocate good work conditions among its subcontractors and assume environmental responsibility in production and product handling. 

Tobii’s business units and products are compliant to a variety of standards. Our Quality & Environmental Management System is registered to ISO9001 and ISO14001 (Stockholm), and Tobii Dynavox (Pittsburgh) is registered to ISO13485 and accredited by The Joint Commission. 

Our focus areas

Our employees

Tobii’s foremost success factors are our ambitious and passionate employees combined with the open, innovative and dedicated culture that that is reflected throughout our entire organization. All employees are given a high degree of freedom and responsibility, which empowers us to work toward Tobii’s long-term vision: to create a world where all technology works in harmony with natural human behavior. Tobiians are driven by curiosity and a constant will to improve, renew and surpass themselves, making Tobii a world-leading pioneer in eye tracking. To continue to attract top talent and deliver on our ambitious goals, a central focus for Tobii is to offer our employees a sustainable and inspiring work life.

Our employees

Products that provide benefits to the society

Many of Tobii’s products have a strong positive impact on both society and on individual lives. Our assistive technology for communication is often of crucial significance to those who use it, and eye tracking also contributes to new insights and improvements in research and various clinical applications. Tobii’s ambition is to deliver meaningful, quality products that are as safe as possible for users and the environment.

For example, Tobii’s assistive technology for communication helps people with disabilities to express themselves and live richer, more independent lives. In 2018 we helped an additional 20,000 people to gain a voice.

Social Responsibility

Business ethics

Tobii strives to be a transparent and responsible company that cultivates confidence, collaboration and commitment. High standards in terms of business ethics are crucial in maintaining a good reputation, repeat customers and motivated employees, but also to be a positive force in society. Accordingly, Tobii is steadfast in advocating good work conditions for our employees and those of our suppliers, and has zero tolerance for corruption and violations of human rights. We conduct audits at our largest sub-suppliers, among other things.

Business ethics

Sustainable product design and environmental impact

Tobii will offer quality products with economic and environmental efficiency throughout the entire supply chain, from design and production to sales and delivery. We continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Activities in the value chain where Tobii can achieve the greatest changes are in product design and transport.

Many of Tobii’s users are dependent on our products, so it goes without saying that we strive for the highest product safety possible. Tobii complies with the regulations for the production of consumer electronics and uses only materials and components that meet the RoHS2 and REACH standards.

As a growing, global company, Tobii wants to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its business, for instance from transport of products

from the manufacturer to customers and from employee business travel.

Product responsibility

Sustainability in the supply chain

Tobii strives to ensure that our subcontractors manufacture and supply products according to applicable standards regarding working conditions and environmental impact. Tobii’s Supplier Code of Conduct aims to ensure that all companies throughout the supply chain assume environmental and ethical responsibility, that working conditions within the supply chain are safe and fair, and that workers are treated with respect and dignity. Compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct is followed-up by regular on-site audits. 

Environmental impact