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Linux Desktop Developer - Tobii Tech Middleware

Tobii Tech focuses on integrating Tobii’s core eye tracking technology into VR, laptops, PC games, medical image processing, AR, cars, industrial vehicles, and many more products, and also delivers the technology to the other Tobii Business Units. If you want to be part of pioneers that take gaze control to new, exciting mass markets, we may have just the job for you!

Today we are running Eye Tracking on Windows but our long term goal is to enable people to enjoy Eye Tracking regardless of which platform you use. One step is of course to bring Eye Tracking to Linux and that is why we are looking for a talented Linux Desktop Developer!


The Tobii Tech Middleware Team design, implement and maintain middleware software used by other Tobii teams and external customers which communicates with the eye tracker hardware. The products and deliverables include Stream Engine - which is a cross-platform low-level client library and API for communicating and configuring Tobii eye tracker hardware as well as the Platform Development Kit (PDK).


The Stream Engine client library communicates with background services via IPC and the services in turn communicates directly with firmware in the tracker via USB, TCP and proprietary protocols.


Does this sound like a team that you would like to be a part of? Awesome!


The role and responsibilities


The Middleware team works closely with other Tobii teams which builds other software features, SDKs and applications on top of Stream Engine and the PDK.

Your days will be filled with


  • Together with the team design, building and maintaining cross-platform middleware software: services and client libraries for Tobii Eye Tracking on Linux, but also on other platforms, such as Windows and MacOS
  • Solving challenging and rewarding development tasks and problem solving in tight cooperation with colleagues
  • Implementing new functionality, implement support for new hardware and fixing issues in existing code on multiple operating system
  • Being responsible for software deliverables to other Tobii teams and external partners as well as technically supporting internal and external users


All our jobs at Tobii are about innovation, passion and not the least - making things real.


We are looking for someone with

  • Excellent skills within C and C++ development
  • At least 3 years of experience of development for Linux platforms
  • The know how of designing and implementing modern inter-process communication (IPC) between applications and services using technologies such as shared memory or Unix sockets.


Here at Tobii we love technology and we are looking for a real software developer that thinks that coding is the absolutely best thing ever! We would absolutely love it if you have developed daemons and if you have worked with package management we just have to talk to you! We think that you are the one that get things done and loves working alongside your colleagues to bring the world something truly amazing. If you on top of this have worked with designing API’s and have also developed applications for Windows or MAC OS we want to meet you even more!


At Tobii, we believe that our diversities are what strengthen us. No matter if you wear high heels or sandals, if you spend your nights at the gym or prefer playing Dungeons & Dragons with your colleagues, if Stockholm is where you grew up or if your roots are somewhere else. It is the pride and happiness in what we do that make us come together. Our joint passion for sharing new ideas and our belief in our products is what makes us a unique workplace and what makes us proud of calling this our Tobii family. We hope that you want to be a part of it!


Please address your questions to Samuel Karlsson, 

Working at Tobii

At Tobii we love what we do - we work hard, play hard, and make every day exciting.

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