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Student thesis subject Computer Vision: Using Machine Learning Techniques to Detect Brands from Images

At Tobii Pro we provide eye tracking solutions designed to deepen understanding of human behavior. At the world’s top-rated universities, researchers are making scientific breakthroughs in fields such as infant and child research, psychology and neuroscience by using our technology. Among the thousands of companies that utilize our services and solutions are Toyota, Microsoft, Google, Unilever and Procter & Gamble. Our offering span from eye-tracking hardware – desktop and wearable – to software and cloud to consulting and services. With us you get to work with the full stack. If you want to be part of a team that is constantly innovating to expand the scope of what can be studied and understood with the use of groundbreaking new technology – we might have just the job for you!

Computer Vision: Using Machine Learning Techniques to Detect Brands from Images

Innovation is at the heart of Tobii’s business as a result of its R&D teams constantly experimenting with the latest technologies and exploring new applications of eye-tracking. Within this project you will have an opportunity to contribute to this through the application of cutting edge computer vision techniques.

The Tobii ATEX project is using eye tracking technology to understand people’s online web browsing behavior and the way they consume advertisements. As part of this project Tobii aims to change the way advertisements are bought and sold online, by creating a new metric advertisement fixation. However, to fully understand people’s consumption of ads we need to understand the advertisement itself and extract relevant features from image or video ads. Fortunately, this has been an area of remarkable progress in recent years, both with computer vision techniques revolutionizing the understanding of image data and open source computing frameworks making these techniques accessible. Working within a small research team the successful candidate will build different machine learning models and test their application in our problem space; time permitting the project will then implementing these models on streaming data in a cloud computing platform.

The core task of the thesis involves building initial prototype models for classifying adverts as belonging to certain brands. It will follow the full lifecycle of a machine learning analytics project and depending on the prior experience of the candidate will begin with gaining a thorough understanding of related AI tools, such as convolutional neural networks & reinforcement learning.

The role and responsibilites

  • Extension of a suitable training set with core Swedish brand adverts
  • Implementation of convolutional neural networks on the above training data
  • Experimentation with a combination of object detection and text detection
  • Refinement of the model and optimization on a cloud computing platform

We are looking for someone who

  • Understands common machine learning algorithms, linear algebra, matrix operations and basics of probability i.e. distributions, summary statistics
  • Has experience of neural networks and deep learning techniques applied to the problems of computer vision (ideal)
  • Tensorflow (ideal) or other linear algebra machine learning libraries (pytorch, sci-kit learn, equivalent MATLAB/ R libraries)
  • Python (ideal due to its popularity in the machine learning/AI fields), any other language experience valuable
  • Has experience working on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform 

To be successful in this project you need to have a willingness to learn, enthusiasm for machine learning and perseverance while working with data. It is also a strong merit if you have a scientific/analytical background and some programming experience. 

As we believe that our diversities are what strengthen us, so do you. No matter if you wear high heels or sandals, if you spend your days at the gym or prefer building sand castles with your kids, if Stockholm is where you grew up or if your roots are somewhere else. Our joint passion for sharing new ideas and our belief in our products is what makes us a unique workplace and what makes us proud of calling this our Tobii family. We hope that you want to be a part of it!

Please address your questions to Fraser Campbell at, but please submit your application through our website. Don't wait! At Tobii, we move quickly!

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