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Thesis Subjects: Algorithms

Innovation is at the heart of our business and one of Tobii’s greatest assets is our world leading R&D team. It comprises some of the world’s leading experts in image processing, mathematics, programming and, of course, eye tracking. If you want to solve difficult problems, design meaningful products and know that you're better than most in your field, we may have just the job for you!

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Below you find Tobii student projects, suitable for master thesis (if bachelor is not specified).

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Your application has to contain your CV, personal letter and transcript, otherwise it will not be considered. If possible, please also submit a link to your previous work (published papers, link to projects or coding etc). Do not forget to specify what project you are interested in!

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Thesis work areas available:

1. Explore computer vision in the heart of eye tracking!

Tobii is looking for students that wish to explore computer vision within eye tracking technology. You will validate state of the art research, come up with new and exciting hypotheses and test them. Above all, your work will impact the way we will experience computer interaction, making virtual reality real and giving people with disability a voice.

The projects featured in the programme will be focused around

- Vision based object detection and tracking

- Signal processing from RGB sensors

For full project descriptions please send in an application and we will contact you with more details. You will be part of the Algorithm team that works with the core eye tracking technology. The Algorithm team consists of 30 people with backgrounds within Math, Computer Science and Applied Physics.

We believe that you have a strong mathematical background in statistics and computer vision. Programming experience in C++ and Python is a big plus. Furthermore, we think you're passionate about algorithms, enjoy learning together with others, exploring new techniques and sharing your knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact Krister Jacobsson,

2. Master’s Thesis: Measure the impact of errors in automatically coded gaze data in wearable eye-tracking studies

Tobii Pro strives to provide the most advanced tools in the world for understanding human behavior. With the release of Tobii Pro Glasses 2, performing eye-tracking studies in real-world environments has become one of the main methods for extracting human attention data in many different fields of research.

One of the inherent problems in wearable eye-tracking is the cost of doing quantitative studies. Historically, any large-scale study has required several man-months of manual coding, i.e. mapping each gaze position from each recorded video to a static reference image. Tobii Pro’s Real-World Mapping tool uses advanced computer vision techniques to automate the coding process, saving many hours of manual work.

The purpose of this Master’s Thesis project is to gain a deep understanding of how errors in coded data affect the end results of an eye-tracking study. In order to do this, the different error types that can occur when running the Real-World Mapping tool have to be understood, and all the different elements of a quantitative eye-tracking study need to be modelled and simulated.

When a model of the system has been created, different distributions of errors and noise should be introduced to the coded gaze data and fed into the system. By measuring the impact of different error sources on the final results, we can determine the requirements on the quality of the automated mapping tools.

Understanding of the statistical properties of wearable eye-tracking studies will also benefit the eye-tracking research field as a whole.

What are the requirements for the role? What education is suitable?

  • A strong background in mathematics and statistics
  • Good programming skills
  • Scientific mindset
  • Ability to write clear written reports

Meriting for this role is:

  • Excellent grades in mathematics and statistics
  • Programming expercience in C# or C++ is desired but not requried
  • Experience of mathematical modelling in practical settings is meriting

We are looking for someone who is:

  • an independent person with ability to understand complex systems
  • easy to discuss with and open to new ideas and viewpoints
  • focused on delivering high-quality results.

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If you have any questions, please contact André Lovtjärn,


Working at Tobii is like being in the heart of innovation. Here you get to work on cool creative projects, together with passionate colleagues from all around the world. Our technology brings a voice to people with speech impairments, it helps us understand human behavior and it is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Life is short so we choose to spend it building high tech products that matters!

If you want to build a company rather than just work for one. If you take pride in honest hard work and want to perform freely in an open environment where you can be yourself, you will feel right at home.

It’s all about passion, innovation and making things real.

Working at Tobii

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