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Thesis Subjects: Hardware

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Mimicking natural eye-movements using a robotic model

Evaluating the performance of an eyetracker (typically measured in accuracy and performance) is a complex and time consuming task that usually involves a lot of test subjects looking at well-defined stimuli. Even with a lot of participants in the evaluation study, the result still has a relatively high uncertainty due to the human error (you may never be quite sure that the participants looked where they were supposed to look). Thus, comparing results from different eyetrackers (or different models) can be treacherous given the size of the combined uncertainty. To further complicate the matter, it is not possible to use two eyetrackers at the same time since they disturb each other.

Challenge / Mission
To facilitate the measurement of eyetracker performance and comparison of results by constructing a robotic model of a pair of human eyes with high repeatability.
To measure the repeatability, as well as accuracy and precision, of the robotic model and the existing proof-of-concept design. This also includes designing a systematic approach to measuring these values (as none exists as of today).
To mimic the natural movement of human eyes, to the extent that is possible with the constructed model. This also includes investigating the feasibility of mimicking different types of eye-movements (such as fixations, saccades, micro-saccades, smooth pursuits, etc)

The goal of the project is to construct a working robotic model of a pair of human eyes, along with drawings (CAD/CAM etc) of the construction of the model. It shall be possible to program the model to perform human-like eye-movements. Furthermore, the project shall result in a report describing the repeatability, accuracy and precision of the model, and the feasibility of mimicking different types of human eye-movements using the current model, and potential future models.

Requirements on applicants

The applicant shall spend at least 80% of the project time at Tobii’s office.

The applicant shall possess the necessary knowledge and competence in: robot control, programming, mechanics, as well as statistics and metrology.

Please contact Magnus Smedberg,, if you have any questions.

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