Are you a Tobii newbie?

Tobii works with universities around the world to offer students opportunities for gaining valuable work experience through internships, thesis projects and summer jobs. With us you will learn from the best, in many different areas. We also want to learn from you, at Tobii we want our students and graduates to share ideas and knowledge that will contribute to our development and goals, you will be part of the team. 

Thesis projects for the future

Each year about 25 students do their thesis projects at Tobii. The best thing about this is that you will get to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with the industry's leading engineers and developers. You will find a team of driven individuals, inside a happy and fun workspace.

At Tobii you can explore all aspects of our business, including core technology development, product development, production and logistics, sales and marketing and support.

Many ideas for new inventions are tested and conceptualized by students who do their thesis projects at Tobii.

Student application

Tobii welcomes more than 25 students each year. Are you interested in thesis projects, internship or part time work at Tobii? Send us an open application and take a look on our available projects for students.

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