Our reasons to be

At Tobii people with different dreams, goals and skills get together. We all share an ambition to realize our personal and professional goals. When we combine our efforts, we are unstoppable and we enjoy every minute of the ride. We are proud to change whole industries as well as people’s lives. What do you want to be?


Vy at Tobii

Digital Marketing Specialist

At Tobii, creative ideas and new ways of working are taken seriously with trust and an innovative mindset. In my job, I get to spread the words about the potential of eye tracking in research areas that could change our lives. I enjoy working closely with our customers towards the same goals. By understanding them, we can provide them expert help in every aspect.

Praveen at Tobii

System Architect

Tobii products have the potential to augment our lives beyond what we know today and I want to be part of making that happen. At Tobii, I have freedom in the domain of my skillsets and I get to learn new things every day. This freedom along with encouragement to grow helps me be more creative and innovative in my approach to build world class products together with happy and awesome colleagues.

Johan at Tobii

Global Product Manager

At Tobii, I get to be at the very edge of change where people’s lives get easier, more successful and more fun. The thing I like the most about Tobii is the potential of undiscovered opportunities. And at Tobii, your colleagues, managers and customers encourage you to find them. My ambition is to get eye tracking out there. Open your eyes people – eye tracking will be your best friend!

Xiaohu at Tobii

Senior Software Engineer

My ambition is to make people’s life better by our cool products. At Tobii, I get to create and develop eyetracking software that help people in their daily lives. The thing I like the most about Tobii is that you always can find innovation, creative and strong passion.

Maria at Tobii

Algorithm Developer

I am part of creating smarter devices together with some truly amazing people. At Tobii you find true team play, together we co-create smarter products that out beat competition. I also enjoy the openness, the positive spirit and the fact that we do so many great things in many different areas of technology.

Lindsay at Tobii

Customer Service Manager

At Tobii, I get to be a part of helping individuals to have a voice and I can truly make a difference in the lives of others. I always work hard to beat yesterday and deliver world-class services to our customers. And I can be my unique self and have fun while doing it!

Michael at Tobii

Graphic Artist

I illustrate educational content and draw assets for Tobii Dynavox’ assistive communication products. I’m constantly pushing myself to improve my abilities and hone my craft as best as I possibly can. The products we make and work so hard on are genuinely helpful to the users. It adds a lot of meaning to our day to day work.

Cesar at Tobii

Data Collector and Annotator

Dreams are there for us to chase them – at Tobii this truly becomes a reality. Big things happen trough small actions and we are all playing a part as equals. To me, it’s important to make an impact and to become the person I want to be, to grow, learn and share. The family atmosphere and the human approach at Tobii make this easy.

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