Financial Targets

In preparation for the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm in April 2015, Tobii's Board of Directors adopted the financial targets for each business unit as described below.

Tobii's Goal

Tobii´s goal is to achieve a positive operating result (EBIT) for the group for the full-year 2021. New financial targets for the divisions will be communicated when the pandemic situation has stabilized.

Forward-looking information

Financial targets represent forward-looking information. Forward-looking information means that no guarantee can be given regarding future earnings or development and the actual results may differ from those expressed in forward-looking information.

In April 2015, Tobii carried out a successful stock exchange listing on Nasdaq Stockholm. In conjunction with the listing, a new share issue was carried out that was heavily oversubscribed and provided the company with the Company with SEK 438 million in proceeds, after deducting costs for the new share issue.