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The Tobii shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since April 24, 2015. The price in the initial public offering was SEK 25. The total number of outstanding shares is 100,269,972 (April 30, 2021).  There are two share classes in Tobii - A-shares and C-Shares. C-shares has one tenth of the voting rights compared to A-sharesAs of April 30, 2021, there were 99,369,972 A-shares and 900,000 C-shares outstanding, owhich, Tobii holds 900,000C-shares in treasury.

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Tobii Share Development

The Share
Tobii: 63.55 SEK
-0.55% -0.35 SEK
Updated 2021-09-24 17:29 CET

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  • Listing: Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Ticker code: TOBII
  • ISIN code: SE0002591420

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