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Tobii shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since April 24, 2015. The price in the initial public offering was SEK 25. There are two share classes A-shares and C-Shares. C-shares have one tenth of the voting rights compared with A-shares. As of February 28, 2022, the total number of outstanding shares was 106,467,144 – of which 105,653,144 ordinary shares and 814,000 class C-shares. The total number of votes in the company were 105,734,544 and the share capital amounted to approximately SEK 772,625. Tobii held 814,000 C-shares in treasury.

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Tobii share development

The share
Tobii: 20.64 SEK
+3.2% +0.64 SEK
Updated 2022-09-23 17:29 CET

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  • Listing: Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Ticker code: TOBII
  • ISIN code: SE0002591420

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