EyeJustRead enables reading assessment and training for school children with Tobii eye tracking

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Denmark-based software provider EyeJustRead was founded in 2016. Their reading tool is developed in close collaboration with practitioners, students and universities to successfully bridge the gap between research and school classrooms.

EyeJustRead is on a mission to revolutionize reading education for children with reading challenges with a data-driven, holistic approach throughout a student’s reading development. To deliver this solution EyeJustRead uses Tobii Eye Tracker 5L, a USB PC peripheral designed to be mounted on any device or PC screen, which offers a variety of real-time eye tracking data streams.
Using the Tobii PC peripheral with EyeJustRead software, enables schools to get deep reading insights, to visualize and discuss the findings with students and other stakeholders, and get a standardized assessment across all students, allowing continuous evaluation. In addition, EyeJustRead can automate a number of manual processes like measuring reading speed, monitoring progress and documentation, which results in valuable time savings.

By using EyeJustRead schools can discover reading difficulties earlier in the child´s life and adapt the educational approach, provide additional training and set up contact with reading specialists to help challenged readers improve their reading skills.
EyeJustRead’s software is used in +100 Danish, Greenlandic and Faeroe schools, that leverage the solution to provide reading education for children from the age of seven.

Tobii has several customers within the growing area of reading assessment and training, stemming from many years of university research. Eye tracking has become an established tool in the academic world to objectively measure human language processing with important applications in linguistics and education research.

The world’s leading universities are using Tobii Pro’s eye tracking solutions for education research. Tobii Pro recently also launched a new solution for reading and language research. Tobii Tech’s products for integration in devices and for use with reading assessment software build on this solid experience and enable businesses to build commercial solutions. EyeJustRead is an example of a customer that started out by using Tobii Pro’s education products, and has evolved into developing commercial solutions using products from Tobii Tech.



Anders Lundin, Corporate Communications Manager, Tobii Group, phone: +46 (0)733 27 87 61, email: anders.lundin@tobii.com

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