Tobii partners with SyncThink and Pico Interactive to deliver next generation healthcare VR solution

Tobii Tech

SyncThink, a next gen neurotechnology company today announced that it will provide the award-winning EYE-SYNC technology on the VR headset Pico Neo 2 Eye, with built-in Tobii Eye Tracking.

SyncThink provides objective neurological measurements that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, managing recovery and optimizing performance. In addition, SyncThink develops revolutionary eye tracking software and analytic technologies.

The EYE-SYNC technology is a pioneering brain health and performance platform that provides objective data and insights into the type and severity of various neurological conditions. It combines proprietary software and data analytics with high performance eye-tracking sensors to measure and quantify eye movement biomarkers reflective of impairment or disease.

The Pico Neo 2 Eye enables EYE-SYNC to provide an improved patient experience, by leveraging the features of a 4K display paired with foveated rendering powered by Tobii Spotlight Technology, helping to achieve outstanding computational efficiency, with improved graphics and longer battery life.

In addition, SyncThink is using Tobii Ocumen, Tobii’s premium eye tracking solution that enables more capabilities in advanced VR applications. Tobii Ocumen delivers real-time data streams and filters optimized for the development of VR applications in domains such as health assessment, therapeutics, and research.

SyncThink will begin deploying Neo 2 Eye headsets this month, including offering upgrade pathways for existing customers.



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