Tobii Aware to be implemented in the new MSI PRO and Modern series

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Tobii Aware software will come preinstalled in the new MSI PRO and Modern series. The partnership between MSI and Tobii thereby continues to grow, as this is Tobii’s 5th design win with MSI with multiple SKUs.

“We are excited for our continued partnership with MSI, which brings Tobii Aware to more PC users, enhancing their security and wellbeing,” said Ulrica Wikström, VP of PC at Tobii. “In a time with increased remote work, information security is even more important, and with the smart features of Tobii Aware, we help users increase their data protection.”

Tobii Aware is a set of smart features that enable users to increase their privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing. Some features include Privacy Screen with Continuous ID authentication, which blurs the screen if the user looks away, and Peeker detection, which makes remote work life more secure. Tobii Aware also provides insights into screen time, the user's position, and their distance from the screen to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Earlier this year, Tobii and MSI announced the implementation of Tobii Aware in the MSI Summit and Prestige Evo series. With today's announcement, even more PC users will get access to the software and benefit from its features.

"With Tobii Aware software solution integrated into our latest MSI Business & Productivity All-in-one PCs, we seize every opportunity to provide users a safer environment for their business and ideas by improving security and privacy," said James Yeh, MSI Computing & Display Division Vice President of Research & Development. “MSI's Business & Productivity All-in-one PCs take the leap by utilizing new innovations to reinforce the importance of security and privacy.”

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Lina Perdius
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