Tobii Dynavox launches its next generation communication device with built-in eye tracking

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Tobii Dynavox, the global leader in assistive technology for communication, today launched the next generation of the I-Series, its flagship communication device. The new I-Series is the lightest, fastest and most durable on the market and comes with Tobii’s latest eye tracking sensor IS5.

The new I-Series is developed for people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and ALS. It provides them with a voice to communicate and become more independent. It is the lightest, fastest and most durable integrated eye tracking device available. The smaller I-13 and the larger I-16 are packed with groundbreaking innovations such as a partner window and industry-leading eye tracking performance using Tobii’s latest eye tracking sensor IS5. The partner window is a second screen, located on the back of the device, which mirrors the phrases being typed and enables true face-to-face communication.

“The I-Series has made it possible for me to continue to do what ALS otherwise would have taken away from me. I can keep in touch with friends on Facebook, enjoy the latest shows on Netflix and go to live concerts. But most importantly, I can continue to coach the kids in basketball, football and deliver my pre and post-game speeches to them”, said Jeff Fogel, youth sports coach diagnosed with ALS.

“Eye tracking unlocks a world of possibilities and with this new device, built on years of research and customer feedback, we have pushed the limits of what a communication device can do”, said Fredrik Ruben, CEO of Tobii Dynavox. “Our goal with the new I-Series is to create the best possible experience and empower our users in their daily lives for increased independence.

The new slimmer and lighter device features a magnesium chassis, is medical graded and IP54 rated, making it more durable than any other eye tracking device and can withstand daily challenges such as water, dust, drops and hits. In addition to the new screen design with a glare reducing finish the device also includes:

  • Computer Control: An exclusive desktop control tool only for the I-13 and I-16 letting the user intuitively interact with and control their device using their eyes. It creates a more accurate eye gaze interaction, while minimizing the amount of eye movements and thus reducing fatigue.

  • Adaptive Buttons: Programmable buttons on the front of the device, accessible with eye tracking and touch, allows for greater flexibility and independence for the user while still giving caregivers access to common functionalities.

  • Wake-on-Gaze™: A unique feature only found on the I-Series allowing users to turn on the device just using their eyes, without help of anyone else. The feature increases the user’s independence and helps to preserve the battery life of the device.

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The new I-Series can be ordered for instant shipping through Tobii Dynavox’s network of sales consultants and partners. Learn more about the I-Series and local pricing at:


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