Tobii and Mobalytics Kick Off Beta Test Featuring Eye Tracking Analytics for League of Legends Players

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Today, Tobii and Mobalytics officially opened a beta test that adds advanced eye tracking analytics to the Mobalytics training platform. The addition of eye tracking insights enables gamers to understand and improve important aspects of their competitive attention-based performance in the game League of Legends.

“We’ve teamed up with Mobalytics to combine the powerful analytics that come from eye tracking data, with the deep insights the existing Mobalytics platform provides to players,” said Martin Lindgren, Director of Gaming, Tobii. “Together, we’ve created a way for gamers who care about League of Legends to get more information about their game performance than ever before.”

During the beta, players can use eye tracking to assess five different aspects of their individual performance and compare scores with friends, higher-ranked players, and even professionals. The five metrics include:

  • Tunnel Vision: Determines whether players are focusing on only one area of play and ignoring other important things happening around them.
  • Information Processing: Evaluates how much information players can process on the screen and how rapidly it is processed.
  • Map Awareness: Measures whether players are checking the in-game map frequently enough to maintain situational awareness.
  • Pick Awareness: Awareness of enemy position and vision are essential for player survivability.
  • Fight Preparation: Optimal positioning, watching for cooldowns, and looking out for flankers can make a huge difference in coming up with a team fight victory.

“Eye tracking provides a critical window into how competitive gamers prioritize attention,” said Amine Issa, Founder and Warchief of Science at Mobalytics. “Understanding how players process information provides important insights that can be used to help them improve performance and climb the ladder.”

Winners of TechCrunch Disrupt 2016, Mobalytics is an esports analytics startup founded by a group of passionate competitive gamers. The Mobalytics mission is to discover what makes the best so good, and to use this knowledge to empower all competitive gamers on their quest to achieve greatness.

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world with more than 100 million monthly active players.

The beta for the Tobii Eye Tracking update in Mobalytics is now available as a free update for Mobalytics and Alienware Arena users who play League of Legends. To participate, you’ll need a Tobii Eye Tracker or an Alienware laptop with integrated Tobii Eye Tracking. You will also need a Mobalytics and Alienware Arena account. To learn more, visit



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