Tobii Aware Software Enhances Privacy and Security Features for new line of Acer Commercial PCs

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Tobii, world leader in eye tracking and pioneer in attention computing, has signed an agreement with Acer for the integration of its Tobii Aware software into a line of Acer Veriton Z All-In-One (AIO) PCs
Tobii Aware software is developed to enhance user privacy and to make computers smarter and more secure. Through attention computing, the software visually senses the user’s presence and intent. It can be integrated in a wide range of personal computing products, to serve as one of the only truly effective ways for IT departments to help secure the last meter of the company network: the distance between the PC screen and user.
“By integrating Tobii Aware software in our powerful Veriton Z all-in-one PC, we take another important step in bringing new innovations to our users to enhance security, usability and power efficiency,” said Jeff Lee, General Manager, Stationary Computing, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “With the PC working more in tune with its users, we provide a more intuitive user experience and an improved sense of privacy to complement the powerful performance.”
When using Tobii Aware-enhanced devices, users experience several benefits:
  • Privacy & Security: Increase security and privacy through user identification and automatic presence. A peeker detection blurs and locks screens when someone is trying to glance without permission at a person’s computer screen.
  • Productivity & Wellbeing: Improve productivity, convenience, and digital health. Provide insights and data into screen time and computer usage.
  • Power & Performance: Save power and CPU performance in a natural and unobtrusive way with screens that dim and react to user presence.
“We are relentlessly innovating to push the boundaries of attention computing and bring it to mass market adoption.” said Ulrica Wikström, VP of the PC Segment at Tobii. “Today’s business users are looking for PCs that are smarter, more intuitive, and more secure. Through the integration of Tobii Aware we are pleased to join hands with Acer in delivering the best-in-class PC experience.”
For more information about the next generation of Tobii Aware technology, please visit: Aware - Tobii Tech
Acer Veriton Z will be available to order in October. For more please visit: Veriton Z | Desktops | Acer United States
This specific product integration is not expected to have a significant impact on Tobii’s revenue in near-term. However, it does provide further evidence of the value of attention computing in computers.


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