Tobii Aware enhances privacy, security and wellbeing in the new commercial line of MSI laptops

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Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, announced today the integration of Tobii Aware software into the new MSI Summit and Prestige Series laptops. Tobii Aware takes users' privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing to the next level. Through attention computing, the software senses the users' presence and intent and adapts to their needs. This is Tobii's first deal with MSI in their line of commercial laptops, which brings the smart software to an additional group of users.

Tobii Aware allows users to safely work in any environment by improving the devices' security and privacy. With Continuous ID authentication, the contents on the screen are blurred when the user looks or steps away and refocuses only when the correct user is active. The device dims and locks automatically shortly after the user leaves as well. The "peeker" detection also uses subtle visual clues to tell the user when another person is looking at the screen. It can then automatically blur the screen if desired, protecting the information shown on the device in scenarios requiring a high level of privacy.

"By integrating Tobii Aware software solution into our latest MSI Summit and Prestige Evo Series laptops, we are providing new innovations to our users by enhancing their security, privacy and also taking care of their wellbeing," said Clark Peng, MSI Notebook Division Vice President of Product Management. "MSI's Summit and Prestige Evo Series laptops take the next step by bringing new innovations to reinforce the importance of security and privacy."

The software also improves productivity and digital wellbeing with various interactive features and provides insights into screen time, user position, distance to the screen, and computer usage. For example, with the "stay awake" feature, the computer will not dim or lock as long as the user is present, increasing focus and productivity.

"Attention computing is becoming the standard in all PCs, and this partnership with MSI demonstrates we are moving in that direction," said Ulrica Wikström, VP of PC at Tobii. "Users and businesses want computers that proactively work to keep their information secure while also helping with their wellbeing and productivity. This is exactly what Tobii Aware brings when paired with MSI's new line of laptops."

On a stand-alone basis, this collaboration is not expected to be material for Tobii's revenue in 2022.1

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1Tobii defines material impact as more than 10% of total company revenue.


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