Issue and repurchase of class C shares for incentive programs

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The board of directors of Tobii AB (publ) (“Tobii”) today resolved to issue 759,345 new class C shares and to immediately thereafter repurchase the 759,345 newly issued class C shares. Today’s resolution by the board of directors was passed based on the authorization granted by the extraordinary general meeting held on 25 October 2021.

Aktieinvest FK AB will subscribe for all issued class C shares at a subscription price corresponding to the quota value of approximately SEK 0.007 per share and Tobii will repurchase all issued C-shares at a purchase price corresponding to the quota value of approximately SEK 0,007 per share. Following the share issue, the share capital will increase by approximately SEK 5,510.6. The class C shares do not entitle to dividends and each share entitles to 1/10 voting right.

The purpose of the share issue and the repurchase is to enable potential future delivery of ordinary shares in accordance with long term incentive programs adopted by the extraordinary general meeting held on 25 October 2021, which replaced the two incentive programs adopted at the annual general meeting held 2020 and 2021, as well as to cover any social charges associated with the mentioned incentive programs. The class C shares will be converted to ordinary shares before any delivery to the participants in the programs.

Tobii currently holds 814,000 class C shares and will, following the repurchase of the newly issued 759,345 class C shares, hold all 1,573,345 class C shares in the company.



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