A simple and fun way to learn eye tracking and prepare for AAC

Tobii Dynavox
Press release

Stockholm, January 27, 2015 Today, Tobii Dynavox, part of the Tobii group, the global market leader in eye tracking, announced the launch of Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore. Priced at 749 EUR, the PCEye Explore is an entry level, peripheral eye tracker that opens up the wonderful world of gaze interaction to everyone.

With the PCEye Explore connected to a laptop or desktop PC, young or inexperienced users get a simple, fun and no-fail way to learn how to use eye tracking and gaze interaction. At the same time, they also become prepared for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

The PCEye Explore lets users move the mouse pointer and perform left clicks, using only their eyes. This basic functionality, in combination with the vast number of compatible third party software titles and webpages, brings more excitement, fun, escape and “no-fail” activities to end users, instead of work, repetition, and effort.

  • Start engaging with simple cause and effect – look at the screen and something happens.
  • See if a user is responding and reacting appropriately – a visible mouse cursor tracks where the user is looking. Use the optional Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer for more detailed analytics and for making and saving reports as still images or video sequences.
  • Introduce active targeting – the next step as the user becomes familiar with the interaction process between his or her eyes and the screen.

Just like doodling, but with your eyes
“Those who learn to draw with a pen and paper start by doodling. They might not hold the pen correctly, stay within the lines, or even on the paper – and they don’t draw specific things. It is all a part of the learning process, and with time, they improve.The same can also be applied to eye tracking,” said Fredrik Ruben, president of Tobii Dynavox. “With PCEye Explore, aspiring users can play and have fun while getting used to gaze interaction and, at the same time, prepare for augmentative and alternative communication.”

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore is currently available for a price of 749 EUR excluding shipping, handling and applicable taxes (and the equivalent in other regional currencies). This price includes the eye tracker and the software that controls it. Third party software is sold separately. Not currently available in North America.

More information
For more information about Tobii Dynavox Explore, please visit www.tobiidynavox.com /explore.