Eyes on the Prize: Tobii’s Debut at CES Results in Three ‘Best of Show’ Awards for Gaze Interface

Tobii Tech
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Tobii Technology, the global market leader in eye tracking and interactive gaze technology, has received top accolades from media and industry experts for its innovative new computer interface – Tobii Gaze – at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Laptop magazine, Notebooks.com and Popular Mechanics all applauded Tobii for having one of the most outstanding and innovative technologies at the show.

“We are extremely honored that Tobii’s Gaze interface was so well-received by so many top media and industry experts. It’s clear that many share our excitement and understand the vast potential of eye tracking and gaze interaction, and we’re particularly encouraged by the strong interest we received from potential application partners at CES,” said Henrik Eskilsson, chief executive officer of Tobii Technology. “In the near future, we’ll be introducing a variety of professional applications that use gaze interaction in areas such as CAD, image editing, medical imaging and more. Our focus right now is to create a thriving eco-system of application partners around these types of applications. That will help us also pave the way to make eye tracking available for mainstream consumers in just a few years.”

Tobii received the following awards during CES:

Laptop Magazine – Best Enabling Technology and Best New Technology

“Forget the mouse. Tobii Technology’s Gaze UI eye-tracking technology detects exactly where you’re looking and treats it like the pointer on your display. We tried it out on a Windows 8 system, and, after fixing our gaze at any point on the spacious Metro live tiles, we launched apps. We could also sweep the screen to the left or right, or zoom using a combination of eye movements and touch gestures. We were even able to play a simple game of ‘Asteroids,’ zapping flying space rocks just by looking at them. Though still a few years away from mainstream implementation, it’s one of the thrilling innovations that leaves us wanting more.”

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Notebooks.com – Best of CES 2012: Best Prototype

“Tobii’s Gaze interaction technology will change the way you use computers. By using one’s eyes to focus on icons and elements, users can accomplish tasks faster and increase efficiency. Plus, it’s just cool to control your computer with your eyes.”

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Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Awards – in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation

“While a good deal of CES announcements these days amount to little more than spec bumps and design tweaks, the Tobii Gaze eye-tracking technology points to a sea change in user interface. It allows users to target objects on a computer screen simply by looking at them. This intuitive and novel way to navigate through standard computing tasks could give surgeons a hands-free way to pull up data and help financial analysts pore through immense amounts of data across several screens. Though the first eye-controlled laptops won’t see shelves until 2013 or so, Tobii Gaze proves that there’s a frontier of input beyond touch.”

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