Speak Up, Be Heard: Tobii Assistive Technology Empowers the Nonverbal with new M-Series Communication Device

Tobii Dynavox
Press release

Stockholm, March 25, 2014 Today, Tobii Assistive Technology, a division of the Tobii group, the global market leader in eye tracking, launches the Tobii M-Series, a highly-portable speech generating device, especially suited for active, nonverbal individuals with full or limited dexterity. Built on modern, world-class consumer technology, the Tobii M-Series is the most flexible, portable alternative and augmentative communication device available.

“We sometimes don’t realize how significant our daily communication is, but we are always communicating, everywhere, with everyone,” says Fredrik Ruben, president of Tobii Assistive Technology. “The compact nature of the M-Series allows its users to communicate nearly as much, wherever they are – the car, in the store, classroom, outdoors or even at home with family and friends.”

Paired with Tobii Communicator and Sono Suite, Tobii’s highly customizable, world-class AAC software, the Tobii M-Series is prepared to meet the communication needs of nearly every user, whether literate or not.

Also included in the M-Series package is a detachable speaker that provides powerful, dynamic audio, ideal for speech and communication. The speaker can be attached to a collar or lanyard to have voice output come from the user, allowing the communication to be associated with the user rather than their device.

The capacitive multi-touch screen is vibrant enough to read outdoors, making it ideal for users who are on the go. The screen also allows for delicate touch input, and is supported by various key guards. For users who prefer alternatives to touch, the M-Series can support switch input and scanning.

Other features of the M-Series include:

·  “Auditory preview” support so users can hear what they are going to say, before they say it aloud.

·  Up to 10 hours of battery life for a full day of nonstop talking, whether at work or at school.

·  Compact, lightweight design and protective carrying case and strap make it easy to bring the device and the voice, along at all times.

·  Built in table stand for on the fly communication.

·  Two built in cameras to document and share adventures.

To learn more about the Tobii M-Series, please visit www.tobii.com/m-series.


The Tobii M-Series is available in Europe today. Availability in the US and Canada will be announced shortly.