Tobii Analysis Division Opens Beta Program for Tobii Track, New Cloud-based Research Solution That Takes Eye-tracking Studies Global

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STOCKHOLM & WASHINGTON — Dec. 10, 2013 —The Analysis Division of Tobii Technology, the leader in eye-tracking solutions for scientific, usability and market research, today announced the opening of an exclusive beta program for its new web-based research solution, Tobii Track, that will run on Tobii Cloud — a new strategic cloud technology initiative by Tobii. Together, Tobii Track and Tobii Cloud will provide unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in conducting eye-tracking research in any environment and sharing data collaboratively around the world. Tobii is currently registering a limited number of customers to participate in the beta program, which will start in early 2014. 

Tobii Track is the first of many applications to run on the new Tobii Cloud, which will enable researchers and businesses to collect, store, process and access eye-tracking data from Tobii eye trackers more quickly and cost-effectively.

“This is a game-changing moment for eye-tracking research. Expanding our offering to also include cloud-based solutions, such as Tobii Track, will give users the ability to complete critical eye-tracking research in any location, at any time making testing easier, faster and more efficient,” said Tom Englund, president of Analysis Solutions, Tobii Technology.

From marketing and usability testing to academic and medical research, Tobii Track will enable researchers with any image, video or website to design and conduct large-scale, widely distributed eye-tracking projects. For example, in the field of market research, researchers will be able to quickly measure the effectiveness of new ads, package designs or TV commercials simultaneously across multiple geographic regions of the world. All data is automatically uploaded to Tobii Cloud and directly merged and ready for analysis, which reduces the timeline for conducting studies from weeks to just days and makes results sharing between colleagues and clients faster and easier.

“Since we have been such a long-time customer of Tobii Technologies, we are particularly pleased to be one of the first companies to experience Tobii Track,” said Bill Moult, CEO of Innerscope, a leading media and marketing research firm. “Once it is launched, we hope to apply Tobii Track’s ambitious capabilities to tap eye-tracking data’s full potential to contribute to integrated neuroscience solutions for the benefit of our clients.”

With Tobii Track, data collection will become so easy that participants can administer their own test sessions without dedicated personnel to run the equipment. Researchers can distribute eye trackers to participants in any location and explore new types of research and business opportunities that can benefit from eye-tracking data.

“We are thrilled to evolve our offering into new cloud-based concepts,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “The ability to conduct longitudinal and in-home studies will present a myriad of new possibilities for research discoveries. For example, think of the medical field alone conducting studies at home for patients with autism, Alzheimer’s or ADHD will be an option that was never possible before.”

“We are looking forward to the unprecedented opportunities that eye-tracking solutions like Tobii Track can bring to the research education industry,” said Temple Northup of the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston. “Students will be able to conduct studies as well as access and share data without being restricted to a lab. This will greatly expand remote research possibilities and enhance collaboration among classes and departments.”

If you want to learn more or are interested in participating in the beta program that will start early next year, visit Tobii Track and Tobii Cloud will become more broadly available for research and analysis organizations later next year. 

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