Tobii assist networks to efficiently share AAC content with SymbolMate

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Tobii assist networks to efficiently share AAC content with SymbolMate

Stockholm, Sweden; June 20th, 2011: Tobii Assistive Technology, world leader in eye tracking and solutions for Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) announced today the release of a new network license model for Tobii SymbolMate. The new network license model targets larger educational organizations and centers in need of broadly sharing the AAC content tool Tobii SymbolMate, while reducing costs and removing installation pressures from IT-departments.

The new Tobii SymbolMate Network Package is a floating software licensing approach that governs the usage or redistribution of Tobii SymbolMate. It enables teams to share a pool of Tobii SymbolMate licenses more efficiently by running multiple installations at the same time. For larger educational organizations it reduces license cost, as they pay for what they use. Tobii SymbolMate used as a network license makes the software available to an unlimited number of people and decreases administrative work for the IT-departments. Sending CDs with software back and forth is costly in time and resources; instead Tobii’s new network package is based on a modern centralized push approach.

Increased availability
SymbolMate is a software tool that helps educators prepare any student for success and is the perfect tool for create effective paper-based symbol communication. SymbolMate allows for the creation of communication pages for education leaders, AAC users and their static devices with pre-designed templates. With a floating license set up in an open network, teachers or caregivers can more easily share SymbolMate files, like page sets, symbols and pictures, throughout the entire user-team.

“I’m glad Tobii can now offer SymbolMate as a network resource to help all teachers,” says Oscar Werner, President Tobii Assistive Technology. “I admire all teachers, many of whom struggle with administration for tools and resources, but still manage to keep focus and stay true to their calling. And I respect them for the tremendous effort they put into teaching and motivating our children with special needs to find a voice, speak their minds, develop and bloom.”

Economies of scale
“With the new SymbolMate Network Package we hope to encourage decision makers in larger organizations to seize the opportunity and to not let budgets be a show stopper for assisting more individuals to communicate,” says Werner. “With this new offering we also want to encourage IT-personnel to avoid extended and lengthy installation processes with single CDs and instead, enable centralized pushed network installations out in their organizations,” concludes Werner.

With the new floating license, it is possible to run SymbolMate on a local area network and enable a fixed number of simultaneous users. This way SymbolMate can be made available to a larger number of users for a significantly reduced cost compared to purchasing individual user licenses.

How does it work?
One floating license is needed for each concurrent user. With 10 floating licenses, any number of users can have the software installed, and 10 can use SymbolMate at the same time. When one user finishes using the software, a license becomes available and another user can begin. The number of licenses included in your Network Package is optional and aimed to be adjusted to fit your organization to its best.

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About Tobii SymbolMate
Tobii SymbolMate is the ideal software tool for educators to quickly and easily create effective paper-based symbol communication. It allows for the creation of communication pages for AAC users and their static devices with pre-designed templates. Along with supporting communication needs, SymbolMate helps build visual schedules and social skill activities for children with disorders like autism. It also supports literacy development by allowing educators to create books and symbol based literacy activities for emerging readers.

SymbolMate was designed to help any student achieve success. With it you can easily add more pictures or graphics by importing entire folders from your computer or network to further personalize communication. SymbolMate is shipped with more than 15,000 professionally line drawn SymbolStix® symbols, the most comprehensive and consistent symbol library available. The symbol library is updated regularly to keep up with current events, topics or newsworthy people, helping to engage users in daily news and extending their vocabulary and conversation. To find out more about Tobii SymbolMate and the 30 day trial, please visit or