Tobii Broadens Service Offering With Eye-Tracking Research Packages to Give Market Researchers New Agile CostEffective Tools to Gain Consumer Insights

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WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2013 —The Analysis Division of Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye-tracking solutions for scientific, usability and market research, today announced the launch of Tobii Insight Research Packages that will give a broad range of market research organizations and brand owners new options for easily implementing advanced eye tracking across seven of the most commonly used testing categories in a rapid, agile manner. The packages will initially be offered to the North America market.

“Having served the market research industry with custom Tobii Insight research projects over the past couple of years, we have also seen a demand for more standardized solutions, to allow organizations to more easily buy and engage with eye tracking for the first time, or to design and implement morefrequent high-quality tests in a more time-sensitive and cost-effective manner,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “Tobii already supports custom research for both research agencies and brands. This additional service offering is a powerful new resource for many organizations that may have wanted to integrate eye-tracking research into more projects, but may not have previously been able to due to hurdles such as cost, timing, efficiency, ease of use or internal expertise. By offering both custom and more standardized services, we will remove all those hurdles — making the power of eye-tracking research available to an even broader range of researchers and organizations.”

The Tobii Insight Research Packages utilize Tobii’s best-in-class eye-tracking hardware and software as well as expert support from the Tobii Insight research team to help companies set up and conduct studies. Eye-tracking solutions are available in seven of the most popular research testing categories, including Shelf, Package, Online Ad, Print Ad, Commercial, Movie Trailer and Website. The testing packages are designed to evaluate the relative effectiveness of different subject materials using eye-tracking behavioral data and consumer feedback. Package pricing ranges from subscription-based services to custom options.

Tobii launched Tobii Insight services in 2011 to provide comprehensive and cost-effective eye-tracking research solutions to support the market research industry, and has since then delivered several hundreds of custom research projects for market research companies and brand owners around the world. The goal of Tobii Insight is to lower the entry barrier in order to bring the benefits of eye-tracking research to a broader array of organizations that have not previously used it, and also to give market research firms a new way to offer eye tracking to customers without the upfront costs of equipment or knowledge acquisition.  

If you are in North America, contact a representative today to learn more about the Tobii Insight Research Packages by calling 1-888-898-6244 or emailing

Learn more about the Tobii Insight Research Packages by joining us for a webinar on Oct. 24 or Oct. 31.  

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