Tobii Demonstrates New Eye Tracking Features for Ophthalmology Research at Vision Sciences Society Conference

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Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, will introduce a new calibration accessory package for Tobii TX300 and T60XL Eye Trackers at the Vision Sciences Society 2013 Conference in Naples, Fla., May 10 – 15. The package, which consists of a one-eye calibration tool and IR transparent occluder, will allow researchers to conduct optional monocular calibration during studies in order to expand the scope of research candidates that can be assessed effectively with eye tracking technology.

“At Tobii, we are continuously setting new standards for remote eye trackers. Monocular calibration is a long wished for feature by some of our academic customers and we are happy that we are now able to satisfy their need” said Tom Englund, president of analysis solutions at Tobii. “Tobii’s eye trackers are characterized by unparalleled accuracy and precision performance in combination with very robust participant tracking capabilities. With this improvement we are now able to track an even larger population.

The accessory package allows researchers to calibrate one eye at a time, while the other eye is being occluded. The two calibrations are then merged into one and automatically uploaded to the eye tracker. This calibration process is easy to use and is particularly critical when studying subjects who have ophthalmic disorders such as strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye) or nystagmus, for instance in research relating to diagnosis and rehabilitation.

At the conference Tobii will also demonstrate the robust pupil size measurement capabilities of its eye tracking technology, which can measure pupil size correctly while the gaze point is changing and during head movements. This allows researchers to accurately capture pupil size data during both fixations and rapid eye movements (saccades) in more realistic test scenarios and when using a broader spectrum of research paradigms. This ensures validity of data.

These features present new opportunities for researchers, ranging from ophthalmology and neuroscience studies to cognitive research, and have applications for numerous fields including driving research, drug influence tests, reading studies, neuromarketing studies and more.

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