Tobii develops groundbreaking products on Microsoft Windows 7

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Press release

Tobii Technology has recently shifted to Windows 7 as the software platform for its leading Tobii C-Series communication devices. Aimed at bringing innovative and user friendly high-performance products to the market, the platform shift provides several user advantages, including features for touch, handwriting and speech recognition.

Tobii Technology is the world leader of eye tracking, a technology that enables computers to know exactly where users are looking. Eye tracking can be used to register and analyze gaze patterns and has revolutionized research in many fields. It can also be used in computer interfaces, and Tobii’s eye-controlled communication devices have enabled communication for thousands of people with special needs.

Making communication devices easy to use

The Tobii C-Series is a group of dynamic display devices of various sizes with different interaction modes for people with impaired speech and motor skills. Tobii recently shifted the device platform from Windows Vista to Windows 7 to improve stability and user friendliness.

“Because Tobii wants to offer the best solutions possible to our clients, people with special needs, we work with proven yet new technology. We need to be in the forefront in all aspects in order to measure up to requests for stimulating and cutting-edge products. Windows 7 enables us to build applications that are easy to use, visually appealing, and offer high performance to users around the world”, says Markus Cederlund, Head of Software R&D at Tobii Technology.

“Getting up and running with the communication device has to be the easiest thing, and the fact that many people are familiar with the Microsoft environment lowers the threshold in itself”, adds Cederlund.

By using the Windows 7 platform, Tobii enables users to take full advantage of the latest PC capabilities. More than 300,000 software applications are developed on the Windows platform, including Tobii’s own range of communication software and eye tracking analysis software.

Tobii appointed Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

“A key priority for us at Microsoft is to enable people with disabilities to communicate, both in their private lives and in business through computers. Tobii’s eye control technology and communication solutions make this possible for an even wider range of individuals. Tobii’s products are a state-of-the-art example of innovative technology integrated with the capabilities of the Windows 7 client platform,” says Klas Hammar, OEM lead Microsoft Sweden.

Tobii is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Independent Software Vendor.

Already in 2007, Tobii won the Microsoft Ingenuity Point Award for its eye-controlled communication device, MyTobii P10.

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