Tobii Dynavox launches the T7. The T-Series now delivers powerful augmentative communication capabilities in three sizes.

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STOCKHOLM (April 08, 2015) – Tobii Dynavox, the market leader in accessibility and communication solutions for individuals with disabilities, introduces the T7, a dynamic 7-inch touch screen tablet designed for people with advanced access needs or physical limitations. The T7 completes the company’s groundbreaking T-Series line of touch-based, speech-generating communication devices for users with autism, early ALS, aphasia, cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment, locked-in syndrome, stroke and more.

Featuring a high-resolution display and maximum portability, the T7 complements the larger T10 and T15 tablets in Tobii Dynavox’s suite of touch based devices for augmentative and alternative communication. While the T15’s larger, 15-inch screen, offers an ideal solution for individuals who require larger letters and symbols, the compact design of the T7 and T10 provides more mobile, lightweight options.

“With the launch of the T7 we’re able to address the needs of our ambulatory users with verbal or cognitive impairments,” said Fredrik Ruben, the President of Tobii Dynavox. “The T-Series devices are all rugged communication devices, built to withstand the sometimes rough treatment of everyday use, even outside. With three different sizes to choose from, users can select a device that’s the perfect fit for them.”

The Tobii Dynavox T-series are designed to be the all-day companion and voice of its user, including a sleek yet durable design that works great in every situation and environment. They are also compatible with multiple access methods, allowing users to communicate through touch, scanning and head-mouse input. Powerful front-facing speakers ensure that users have unabridged operability and are clearly heard in louder settings such as the classroom, bus or playground.

All T-Series devices come with Tobii Dynavox’s world-leading communication software, Compass. For optimal speech generation, the research-based software offers a breadth of communication and personalization tools that increase communication speed. In addition, users can set up a free cloud-based myTobiiDynavox account to efficiently share, manage and store content.

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Tobii Dynavox, part of the Tobii Group, is the leading provider of touch- and eye-tracking-based assistive technology hardware and software for those with communication and mobility impairments. Tobii Dynavox has helped tens of thousands of individuals with disabilities such as aphasia, autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome and spinal cord injury lead fuller and richer lives. For over three decades, the company has stood at the forefront of assistive technology and special education and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for delivering the most advanced, effective and empowering communication and computer access tools available. For more information, please visit