Tobii launches C15 - a new communication device offering disabled people a new way to develop language skills and communicate

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Press release

Stockholm, Sweden, December 20th, 2010 – Today, Tobii Technology AB announced the launch of the Tobii C15, a new assistive and augmentative communication device that completes the Tobii C-Series family. Now, individuals with communication disabilities can choose the device that best allows them to communicate freely and live more independently.

Communication for everyone
There are many people in the world with an impaired ability to speak. Many suffer from Cerebral Palsy, have ALS/MND or have acquired a disability through an injury or a stroke – and they all have different communication needs.

“With the C15 we extend the power and portability of our well proven C8 and C12 onto a 15 inch device. The C15 completes the C-Series range and it gives those who require a dynamic display device the possibility to select a solution that exactly matches their communication needs,” says Oscar Werner, Executive Vice President Tobii Assistive Technology.

The release of the new Tobii C15 completes a family of communication devices designed to assist anyone in the need of communication and speech support. The Tobii C-Series consists of: The C8, a hand-held device that generates speech from text and symbols. The C12, a mid-sized device that also supports eye control. And now the new C15, which features a 40% larger screen with more room for text and larger symbols.

Larger screen, more efficiency
Though similar to its relatives, the Tobii C15 offers an adjustable 15-inch LED backlit screen. The large screen gives end-users vast possibilities to personalize the usage of their communication device. Either more symbols/letters can be shown, creating an easier access to more functions (without having to change page/view) and thereby increasing the speed in communication or users can decide to show larger and fewer symbols/letters and make visual scenes more easy to understand and in so doing also the usage with different input methods is made easy - mostly with eye control. The large LED backlight screen is also more energy efficient with greater dynamics, meaning less power consumption and a better user experience as well as providing more screen estate for running regular window applications.

Personalization and support for any input
The Tobii C15 is easy to set up and adjust to your personal needs. It comes pre-installed with Tobii’s software platform Communicator standard edition, which has plenty of ready made page sets and over 10,000 SymbolStix® symbols to get users started right away.

All three communication devices support all input methods including, mouse and keyboard, touch screens, switches/scanning, head mouse and eye control.

The Tobii C-Series also makes it easy to connect with others through e-mail, text messaging and chat, as well as surf the web, play games and access regular computer applications.

A unique device to evolve with
The Tobii C15 is unique with its 15-inch LED screen, its modularity with different modular accessories and the fact of being part of a larger family of devices, all based on the same platform and thereby offering users a broad flexibility in terms of portability. This means that users can evolve in their communication development within the Tobii C-series and the usage of different input methods like keyboard, joystick, head mouse and eye control and as the software platform remains the same - frustration and learning curves are minimized.

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