Tobii launches first AAC industry multi-platform vocabulary app

Tobii Dynavox
Press release

Tobii Sono Flex bridges the gap between consumer electronics and dedicated assistive technology, making Tobii the first major AAC company to offer a vocabulary for the iPhone, iPad and PCs, as well as for speech generating devices. Sono Flex can be used as a stand-alone solution, as a compliment to a dedicated communication device for example in social settings such as traveling or meeting friends.

Language growth path for personal evolvement

Tobii is committed to empowering its users’ continuous language development.”With Sono Flex you are not stuck in one single app”, says Oscar Werner, President Tobii Assistive Technology. “Some will start with Sono Flex on iPad and then move on to our more sophisticated language products and our C-Series devices. For others, Sono Flex on the iPad will be enough”.

Choosing communication software and mastering a language is a long-term commitment. Sono Flex has been designed with a development curve in mind, to offer a migration path through the entire Tobii Sono Suite and the potential to advance to new levels as the users’ individual experiences and skill sets expand.

“Newer platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android have opened up immense possibilities for AAC users,” says Werner. “Now it is time that the AAC players stop talking about technology and focus on what is truly important - the development of communication.”

Jumpstart into meaningful communication

Characterized by structure, flexibility and a clear growth path, Sono Flex is not the typical “isolated” app, rather a unique tool that fosters long-term language and communication development.
Sono Flex is a instrument for young curious minds to realize their full development potential – that they don’t remain in the same place that they started.

Sono Flex comes with more than 11,000 SymbolStix symbols, a mix of core vocabulary and more than 50 pre-installed contextual communication categories, such as “birthday party” and “playground”, making it easier for the user to jumpstart into meaningful communication. This empowers the user to initiate communication, and reduces the time that speech and language pathologists, teachers, parents and caregivers need to invest in set up.

”Awesome, awesome, awesome!”, says Alycia Berg, MS, CCC-SLP, Boston Children’s Hospital.” It is great to have the situational modules at hand so easily. This is just perfect for us to prepare sessions with clients with a minimum of time consumption. It is really nice that you have chosen very interactive and playful contexts that are age independent.”

Available in multiple versions

Tobii Sono Flex for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available in two versions; a fully functioning, but slightly limited demo version available at no charge called Tobii Sono Flex Lite and our full version called Sono Flex.

The same Sono Flex software that functions on your iPad is also eye trackable on your PC and your Tobii communication device.

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