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Tobii Pro Readies Software to Accelerate and Reduce Cost of Wearable Eye-Tracking Research

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Stockholm, August 11, 2015—Tobii Pro, the global leader in eye-tracking research solutions, today announced that it will add sophisticated computer vision technology to its Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software. The update will dramatically reduce the time needed to analyze data recorded with Tobii Pro Glasses 2, making wearable eye-tracking studies more convenient, efficient and cost-effective for a wide range of uses.

Marketers, designers and academics use wearable eye tracking for insights into a vast range of human behavior—everything from media consumption and web user experience to athletic performance and vision. Currently, researchers who wish to analyze data quantitatively need to log and review recorded eye-tracking video by hand. This tedious, time-consuming task slows and often limits the scope of research projects.

Tobii Pro’s software will streamline the logging process with a technology called Real-World Mapping, which intelligently aggregates and maps data from eye-tracking videos to designated objects of interest. It will be especially helpful for studies involving large numbers of test subjects that move around in the research environment, such as studies on in-store shopping behavior, billboards, signage, architectural design, and security installations.

For example, in shopper insight studies, the Real-World Mapping technology will allow researchers to automatically aggregate data from multiple participants to a single scene representation, such as a photo of a supermarket shelf. Once Real-World Mapping is applied, researchers can immediately start extracting statistics or visualizing the quantified data.

This new technology will ensure researchers get relevant, high-quality data faster. It also gives them the freedom to add test subjects without worrying about delays or cost overruns.

Real-World Mapping will require no additional hardware besides Pro Glasses 2, and it will work in dynamic environments, coping with conditions such as varying viewing angles and distance.

“With the addition of Real-World Mapping to Pro Glasses 2, we will make wearable eye-tracking technology more accessible than ever before,” said Tom Englund, president of Tobii Pro. “This first-of-its-kind functionality is just the latest example of our commitment to improving eye-tracking research through intelligent design, ease-of-use and efficient workflows.”

“At Tobii Pro Insight Research Services we have performed hundreds of consumer studies using eye tracking in real shopper contexts,” said Ali Farokhian, global business manager for Tobii Pro Insight Research Services. “With Real-World Mapping, we expect to increase efficiency in the data processing part of our client projects. Faster turnarounds mean that eye tracking can be incorporated into more studies than before due to previous time and cost constraints.”

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer with Real-World Mapping will be available to all Tobii Pro Glasses 2 customers in Q4, 2015.

About Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Released in 2014, Tobii Pro Glasses 2 reveal exactly what the wearer is looking at in any environment, at any moment. With their lightweight construction, ‘True View’ wide-angle HD video recording, four-camera eye tracking and ‘Live View’ Wi-Fi streaming, Pro Glasses 2 deliver precise, reliable results for any real-world application. The wearable eye tracker’s 50 Hz sampling rate and unique slippage-compensation technology ensure superior performance even under challenging conditions such as variable light or interrupted recording. Because they are so inconspicuous and easy to use, subjects can wear them anywhere and can even gather data on their own.



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Tobii Pro, part of the Tobii Group (STO: TOBII), is the leading provider of research solutions and services designed to deepen understanding of human behavior. Through eye-tracking insights, we enable business and science professionals to drive change and further their research. Our solutions are used in a wide range of fields, from shopper research and usability testing to psychology and vision research. We are proud to have 1,500 academic institutions (including 49 of the world's 50 top-rated universities) and over 2,000 commercial enterprises (including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Ipsos and GfK) among our clients. Tobii Pro is based in Sweden, with offices in the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and France, and has a global network of resellers.