Tobii Releases EyeX Plug-in for Unreal Engine 4

Tobii Tech
Press release

STOCKHOLM— Dec. 4, 2014 — Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking, announced today the release of a new Tobii EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4. This new addition to the Tobii EyeX SDK provides developers with an exciting set of new features to easily and seamlessly create new gaming experiences never possible before.

“With the new EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4, integrating eye tracking in games becomes very easy. The integration into the UE4 environment has already been done for you and you simply connect with the plug-in,” said Oscar Werner, vice president of Tobii Technology. “Our goal is to give developers tools that enable them to pioneer innovations with eye tracking in a wide range of consumer and enterprise software – from entertainment and gaming to office and productivity tools. This plug-in is the next step in this progression.”

The EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4 serves as an extension to Tobii’s current library of developmental tools, which include EyeX SDK for Unity, EyeX SDK for .NET and EyeX SDK for C/C++. It gives game developers a set of easy-to-use tools so they may unleash their creativity and design talent to create truly immersive gaming experiences only made possible with eye tracking.

Features of the EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4:

  • Gaze point: The point on the screen where the player’s eyes are looking.
  • Fixations: Points on the screen where the player’s eyes linger to focus on something.
  • Eye positions: The positions of the player’s eyeballs in 3-D space.
  • User presence: If there is a player in front of the screen or not.
  • Automatic detection: Indication of the actor who has the player’s gaze focus.
  • Blueprint and C++ support: All of the EyeX plug-in features are readily available through both UE4’s visual scripting editor and from C++.

To learn more about the Tobii EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4 view Tobii’s online  tutorial. To get your own Tobii EyeX dev kit, visit