Tobii releases new version of Tobii SymbolMate – works in perfect unison with the new Tobii S32

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Stockholm, Sweden: 14th of June, 2010 – Today Tobii Technology AB announced the release of the updated Tobii SymbolMate, an AAC application for creating, editing, managing and printing communication pages. Tobii SymbolMate 1.1 offers integrated support for the brand new Tobii S32.

The SymbolMate is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) application for creating communication pages to be used in static speech devices. Tobii SymbolMate version 1.1 works seamlessly together with the new recorded speech device, Tobii S32.

SymbolMate is the perfect tool for building visual schedules and social skill activities. It supports literacy development by allowing an educator or caregiver to create books and symbol-based literacy activities for emergent readers.

SymbolMate includes a library of more than 15,000 professionally drawn SymbolStix® symbols. SymbolStix® is developed by News-2-You Inc., a leading distributor of symbol-based educational newspapers. Users can also find free content for Tobii SymbolMate on Using these two options together makes it really easy to get started with SymbolMate.

Now, with the release of the updated Tobii SymbolMate, seamless integration with the new Tobii S32 is a fact:
- Create, edit, manage and print communication pages for the S32 and static devices from many other vendors
- Centrally manage settings and contents on one or more S32s, perfect for class room environments
- Record sounds and speech on a PC and transfer audio via USB to the Tobii S32
- The Function Queuing feature, when activated, allows you to queue up key presses so that they play sequentially, without you having to press the second or third key again after the first key’s recording has finished
- The Key Clustering feature makes it easy to create visual scenes, grouping keys together in clusters or even on opposite sides of the keypad
- The unique Combination Keys feature allows for a single key to play multiple sounds depending on the sequence of key presses. Use Combination Keys to express, for example, the same word with different intonations or even in different languages.

More information
There is free 30-day trial versions available for download on
For an interactive demo of the Tobii S32 and Tobii SymbolMate, please visit
Please visit to download free communication boards for Tobii SymbolMate.

Tara Rudnicki, CEO, Tobii ATI
Mobile +1 508 254 2782

Lars Lamhauge, International Product Manager, Tobii Technology AB
Mobile +46 (0) 76-893 99 89