Tobii Studio 2.1 takes quantitative eye tracking analysis to the next level

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Stockholm, Sweden – April 10, 2010 – Tobii is pleased to announce the release of Tobii Studio 2.1 and a brand new statistics module for efficient analysis of eye tracking data.

Tobii Studio 2.1 extends the functionality and performance of the leading eye tracking analysis software. The new release comes with a new powerful, comprehensive and flexible statistics module that enables usability professionals, market researchers and scientific researchers to efficiently manage rich eye tracking data.
Tobii Studio 2.1 includes features such as cross test tables, multi metric tables, and cross tabulation, which makes it easier to overview data and verify hypotheses. Advanced project design facilitates tests based on tasks or counterbalanced stimuli presentation to avoid order effects.

Other functions recently added to the Tobii Studio analysis software include integrated questionnaires, support for retrospective think aloud (RTA), and automatic E-Prime scene generation. These and many other features make Tobii Studio 2.1 the perfect framework for test design, visualization and analysis of eye tracking data. 

Tobii Studio 2.1 is compatible with Windows 7.

For a complete overview of Tobii Studio 2.1 features, please click here.

Customers with a valid Support & Upgrade Contract can download Tobii Studio 2.1. 
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Tobii Studio™ is the leading eye tracking analysis software. It offers a comprehensive platform for recording and analyzing eye gaze and other data. It supports a broad range of studies ranging from usability testing and market research to psychology research and physiological experiments. Advanced tools for analysis and visualization allow for in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis. Data is easily taken to meaningful comparison, interpretation and presentation

For more information, please contact:
Anne Jansen, Product Manager, Tobii Technology
Mobile +46 (0)707 77 16 41