Tobii Studio 2.3 features improved filter functions

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Tobii announces the release of its Tobii Studio 2.3, featuring an improved gaze data filter chain. The combination of noise reduction function (Low Pass Filter) and I-VT classification function is particularly valuable to researchers using the Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker.

  • The new, improved I-VT fixation filter chain contains several data processing functions that can be combined to fit your specific research requirements:
  • Noise reduction function, which is a symmetric moving average filter (Low Pass Filter) that allows researchers to filter the raw data to reduce noise in the gaze data.

New I-VT classification function allows researchers to set the thresholds according to the particular study.

The I-VT filter is based on the eyes' angular velocity. It operates on eye movement data rather than gaze point pixel locations making data independent of screen resolution, screen size and the distance between the eyes and the stimulus.

A new VelocityChart facilitates setting data processing function parameters, particularly when using the I-VT fixation filter.

In addition to the new gaze data filter chain. Tobii Studio 2.3 features new functions to export Tobii Glasses recordings. The new release supports Internet Explorer 9 and the software can be started in a non-administrator mode.

Click here for more details about the latest in Studio 2.3.

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