Tobii Studio 3.0 supports AOIs in dynamic content

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Stockholm, December 7, 2011 - Tobii announced today the new release of its Tobii Studio, the leading eye tracking analysis and visualization software. Tobii Studio 3.0 features a new AOI tool that supports both static and dynamic areas of interest in a broad range of stimuli.

The new release means a great enhancement for researchers running eye tracking studies that involve moving or transforming stimuli, such as dynamic web pages and videos. Now researchers can gather statistics for eye tracking metrics—like how often and for how long participants looked at areas of particular interest in a video, web recording or screen recording.

“More and more researchers run eye tracking studies involving dynamic web content and video stimuli, and many of our customers request the Dynamic AOI feature as it allows them to gather statistics of eye tracking metrics from these types of studies,” said Tom Englund, president of analysis solutions at Tobii Technology AB. “Our ambition is to provide a tool with high standards of workflow efficiency.”

In addition to the dynamic AOIs, Tobii Studio 3.0 also features improved data export functions for enhanced flexibility and ease of use. For instance, it allows researchers to perform a straight-forward saccade analysis and to faster and easier export data for further analysis in external tools.

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