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STOCKHOLM and OSHAWA, ONTARIO — Oct. 7, 2014 — Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology announced today that they will collaborate to provide students with Tobii EyeX eye trackers to support the university’s Game Development and Entrepreneurship undergraduate program.

This collaboration is part of Tobii’s Game Developer Program for university students, designed to support students in game development at universities around the world. Tobii provides industry-leading eye-tracking hardware, software development kit and support for students associated with the program. Students enrolling in the game development courses at University of Ontario will use Tobii’s latest eye-tracking peripheral, Tobii EyeX, as they work on their semester-long projects integrating eye tracking and gaming.

“We are proud to say that Canada has the third largest video game industry in the world — and we have achieved this status by continuing to provide the next generation of developers with the latest technology,” said Dr. Pamela Ritchie, dean, Faculty of Business and Information Technology, UOIT. “Our collaboration with Tobii will give our students the opportunity to explore the unlimited applications of eye tracking and will empower them to create the future of gaming with completely new ways for users to interact with and get immersed in games. Getting a hands-on, and eyes-on, experience with eye tracking gives our students a tremendous advantage that we expect will resonate throughout our industry as these students move on to become the next technology and entrepreneurial leaders.”

Work throughout the semester will culminate in the UOIT LevelUp showcase, the largest student showcase of video games in Canada. With more than 2,000 participants, this event recognizes the most talented students in design, animation and computer science programs from more than 15 universities and colleges across Ontario.

“Eye tracking has the potential to impact and enhance a wide variety of industries — but gaming in particular can benefit so greatly from eye tracking because it can offer such an efficient and natural way to enhance interaction, navigation and communication and opens the doors for a whole new paradigm for social and immersive experiences,” said Carl Korobkin, vice president of OEM solutions for Tobii. “UOIT recognizes the importance and potential of eye tracking, and we are delighted to welcome them to the program and share our latest peripherals and development kits with this next generation of developers. These students are shaping the future of gaming, innovation and entrepreneurship, and Tobii is proud to be a part of that important mission.”

Universities and game labs that would like to enroll in Tobii’s developer program for university students can read more and contact Tobii through the web page.

Tobii also offers broader academic programs at universities for academic research in labs and classrooms. Read here for more details on this program.

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Tobii Technology is the global leader in eye tracking and is pioneering eye tracking in personal computing, has transformed research in many fields and has enabled communication for thousands of people with special needs. The company develops and delivers core eye-tracking technology as well as a comprehensive solution for interaction and analytical applications. Tobii is headquartered in Sweden and operates through three divisions: Tobii OEM Solutions, Tobii Assistive Technology and Tobii Analysis Solutions, with offices in the United States, China, Germany, Japan and Norway and a global network of resellers. Founded in 2001, Tobii continues to achieve rapid annual growth and receive awards and recognition for its accomplishments.

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