Users with complex communication needs get more ways to express themselves

Tobii Dynavox
Press release

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN October 15th, 2015 — Tobii Dynavox, the market leader in eye tracking and communication solutions for individuals with disabilities, announces that the communication software Compass is now available on their eye controlled I-Series devices. This gives users greater freedom in choosing the communication solution that best fits their individual needs.

The eye controlled I-Series speech generating devices, which include the I-12 and I-15, harness the speed, power and accuracy of Tobii gaze interaction to provide freedom of expression for users with communication difficulties such as Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), autism, Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. As of today, I-Series users can still choose the traditional option of the Communicator suite for their device, but also now have the ability to choose the communication software Compass.

Of the recent development, Tobii Dynavox’ president Fredrik Ruben said, “One of the main reasons for the merger of Tobii and Dynavox is to help more individuals with complex communication needs to express themselves. By making it possible to use the Compass software on the eye controlled I-Series devices, we give individuals greater freedom in choosing a solution that best allows them to communicate and live richer and more fulfilled lives”.

With the I-Series, users can engage in daily communication through speech, email, text messaging, social networking and phone calls. Users can also take and share high-quality photos, surf the Web, play games, access computer applications, and control their environment and other connected devices.

Compass, the innovative and research-based software now available for the I-Series devices, features a variety of pagesets and comprehensive communication tools that makes personalization easy. And, thanks to the added power of the free personal myDynaVox account, you get the ability to seamlessly connect and share content among family members, members of the support team and other users, as well as the ability to back up and restore your personal communication content.


The Compass software currently support US English and German, but more languages will follow.