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Impact and Sustainability

As a global company working with a technology that has the potential to touch many people’s lives, we can have a meaningful impact on the world due to the solutions we provide to our customers and users, as well as how we conduct business. We have an obligation to act responsibly. If we make good decisions, and implement them consistently, we can help make the world a better place.

Our sustainability strategy

Solutions for a better world

Solutions for a better world

Our solutions empower people by giving them a voice, by driving research and discovery at thousands of corporations and research institutions around the globe, by making PCs and VR devices more power efficient, by helping creative companies invent completely new products and approaches, and by making production facilities safer and more productive.

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Using the power of eye tracking as a positive force

Using the power of eye tracking as a force for good

At Tobii, as the world leader in both eye tracking and assistive technology for communication, we believe we have an obligation to set clear and positive examples for each of these industries and to make clear choices that protect our users and ensure that the solutions we deliver make the world better. We do not believe in the statement "We are just a technology provider.” Instead, we want to do all in our reasonable power to both mandate and encourage the positive usages of our technology.

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The way we run our business

As part of Tobii's sustainability work we identify our most material aspects to understand Tobii´s significant impacts on the economy, environment and people, and their importance to our stakeholders. Our material topics are in line with our business strategy and we’ve built our sustainability approach around three strategic areas related to how we run our business: sustainable employer, environmental responsibility and ethical conduct.

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"Our mission is to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent."

Sustainability Objectives

Sustainability objectives are part of Tobii Group´s strategy and are incorporated in our business plans. Tobii contributes to several of the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs) and has the most direct impact on Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production) and Goal 4 (Quality Education).

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Tobii contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As an employer Tobii impacts our employee’s occupational health, safety and work environment. Additionally, Tobii is a producer of technologies and solutions that directly improve the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people, with the potential to help millions. This ranges from helping individuals communicate and be more independent, to helping assess and treat medical conditions.

Through our hardware and software products and overall solutions, Tobii helps ensure that persons with disabilities are not excluded from the general education system by helping to give them a voice and the chance to be heard, and through our special education software tool Boardmaker. The use of eye tracking is also emerging in many other education use-cases, for example in reading assessments and training.

Tobii operates in an industry where there is uneven gender distribution. Tobii has a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion program in place and actively works with several initiatives to be a diverse and inclusive organization.

Both directly and indirectly, Tobii affects the work environment and conditions of many groups of people, including its own employees, contracted suppliers, sub-suppliers, and many more. Tobii's policies and routines related to occupational health and safety, and the Supplier Code of Conduct, are clearly linked to Goal 8.

At Tobii we believe that everyone has the basic human right to a voice. All of Tobii’s divisions contribute to this, from creating the core technologies required, to bringing products to market, to enabling relevant research into human behavior. Tobii also impacts this goal as an employer where we work to reduce inequalities via our Diversity & Inclusion program.

Tobii is committed to making the full life cycles of our products, from manufacturing to use to disposal, more environmentally friendly.

Tobii is committed to reducing our environmental and climate impact and is working to reduce CO2 emission from office energy consumption, transportation of products and business travels. We also create technological solutions that give both our customers and their end users the opportunity to use energy more efficiently via offerings such as Tobii Spotlight Technology™ and Tobii Aware.