Solutions for a better world

Solutions for a better world

Our solutions empower people by giving them a voice, by driving research and discovery at thousands of corporations and research institutions around the globe, by making PCs and VR devices more power efficient, by helping creative companies invent completely new products and approaches, and by making production facilities safer and more productive.

Some of the ways that our technologies contribute to a better world are described below. 

Inclusion and Accessibility

One of the strongest examples of the impact that Tobii technology can have to improve a person’s life is when we empower someone with a voice. For example, Tobii Dynavox and Tobii Tech offer assistive technology for communication that helps people with disabilities interact with the world.

Improved Health

By integrating eye tracking into medical equipment, companies can develop solutions that can assess a condition, provide therapy as part of a treatment and measure the results of treatments. The solutions can address diseases and health issues, such as, brain trauma, Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and other vision impairments, Parkinson's, and reading difficulties.

More power efficient devices

Tobii technologies can help increase power performance and hence reduce carbon emissions. For example, Tobii Aware software, can identify when a user steps or looks away from their computer and dim the screen to rapidly activate power-saving states. Tobii Spotlight Technology™ can help VR and AR headsets use techniques such as foveated rendering to maximize graphics quality just where the user is looking, to improve the visual capabilities of the device while conserving compute power.

Understanding ourselves and our environment

Tobii eye tracking is used extensively as a research tool by scientists and researchers to understand human behavior and unlock new scientific discoveries. From improving traffic safety by studying driving behavior to identifying mental and neural disorders such as Autism, ADHD and Parkinson’s disease.

Catalyst for innovation

One of the most exciting opportunities to make a difference in the world is by partnering with innovative companies that want to harness the power of Tobii’s market leading technologies to do things in an entirely new way. Some examples of innovative companies that we collaborate with are ControlRad, EyeJustRead and SyncThink.