What is eye tracking and its value in research


Most products today are blind. Eye tracking enables devices to truly see their users, not only by sensing their presence, but also understanding their attention and gaze point. Eye tracking has a broad range of applications and is already used in a variety of markets:

  • Tobii Dynavox makes specially designed computers that are controlled by eye movement or touch screens for use by people with special needs due to spinal cord injuries, CP, ALS or other medical conditions.
  • Tobii Pro develops and sells eye-tracking equipment and services for research institutions and universities, to give deeper insights into human behavior.
  • Tobii Tech further develops Tobii’s technology for new volume markets, such as computer games, personal computers, virtual reality and smartphones.

If you want to have eye tracking technology from Tobii, to use in your own solution; contact us! See examples of use cases below.

Gaming & Entertainment

Play games with your eyes

Eye tracking is a fun and natural way to interact with a product. Do you want to make your interactive display, slot machine or other entertainment product feel more natural to use? Let your users control it with just the look of their eyes.

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Assessment & Therapy

Eye tracking for research

Eye tracking is already an established method to assess:

  • medical conditions such as concussions or certain neurological disorders
  • lie detection
  • a person’s interest and preferences
  • conditions where controlled eye movements are of importance

Have you used eye tracking in your research to assess or treat something else, that others could be interested in? Or do you want to improve your products and make them smarter and understand the user better?

For example, take a look at what our customer RightEye does with Tobii’s solutions: RightEye Customer Story

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Medical Technology

Tobii Tech Market - Medical

A surgery robot can be safer by using eye tracking to make sure an operator is present in front of the robot and is looking in the right direction before the robot does anything. But the operator can also interact with the robot fast and easy with the eyes since the hands might be busy with other tools. 

You can improve many types of medical technology products when you e.g can:

  • control an operator is looking in the right direction,
  • interact and control the product fast and easy without using your hands
  • record and document how and where an operator are looking for training, assessment or documentation
  • concentrate some type of resorces to where the operator are looking

Industrial Production

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In a production environment, you can make your production equipment safer and more efficient with eye tracking technology. You can make sure the operator is looking at the right place before critical operations, let the operator interact handsfree, record and analyze where the operator has looked etc.

If you develop a VR or AR headset solution you can make it easier to operate and more efficient for professional users if your headset knows where the user is looking. Only your imagination set the limit here!

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Tobii Tech Market - Automotive

In Automotive production, eye tracking can be used as in any other industry for training and assessment of operators, for documentation or for critical user interface. 

But eye tracking can also be used inside a car or other vehicles to improve safety, such as by making sure the driver is looking in the right direction (as well as awake and alert) or by allowing for hands-free interactions so the driver can keep their hands on the steering wheel. Read more about this here.