What is Eyetracking


Transform the way we drive by adding eye tracking data into driver safety and infotainment systems. Partner with the global leaders in eye tracking and sensor technology.

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Partner with the best.

Combine your automotive knowledge with Tobii’s leading eye tracking and sensor technology expertise.

By working together with our extensive engineering team, we will help you deliver a truly superior driver-facing sensor solution - and overcome key challenges such as reliably tracking drivers with eyewear, coping with ambient lighting conditions, designing truly valuable use cases for automotive scenarios and meeting automotive-grade requirements. 

Tobii's key technology capabilities include:

  • The world’s most reliable eye tracking algorithm core
  • Tobii EyeChip™ - the world’s first eye tracking System on Chip
  • 15 years of eye tracking development and expertise  
  • In-depth competence and designs for custom sensor modules
  • In-depth competence and designs for custom projector modules
  • Extensive knowlege in eye tracking use cases
  • Licenses to the world’s largest portfolio of eye tracking patents, covering critical aspects of hardware design, algorithms and user experience concepts
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Drowsiness and Distractions

We meet your market demands for all vehicles

Together we can develop a customized solution according to your market demands, be it cars, trucks, racing vehicles, buses, trains, aircrafts and more.

Detect drowsiness 

By observing the specifics of eyelid closure, in combination with driver eye gaze patterns, an active safety system powered by Tobii's eye tracking sensor can reliably detect if a driver is falling asleep and warns accordingly or take other actions. 


Detect distraction

Give warnings if the eyes are off the road and encourage evasive action.

Combine eye tracking with forward facing sensors and use this information to automatically adjust the vehicle’s behavior or warn the driver about potential dangers.

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Personalization & Identification

An eye tracking system can identify the driver and automatically adjust to user preference settings (music, seat, mirrors, etc.). In addition, the system can be optimized based on  eye position. Sound and airbag systems can be connected to the information and direct  sound and protection in an optimal way.

Gaze interaction

Control the dashboard and heads-up display using the combination of eyes, hands and voice. For instance, look at the dashboard or heads-up display and use a scroll wheel and select button on the steering wheel to get a very fluid and intuitive experience

Driver state assessment for Autonomous Driving scenarios

For Autonomous Driving to become a reality, the car must reach a symbiotic relationship with the driver. Only eye tracking can tell the car where the driver is paying attention, what information he has  they've processed and if he is fit for duty.