Components & System Design for IS4

We sell the individual IS4 components as a component kit together with a system design. Plus, we provide test procedures as well as licensing and software. This option is available for high volume systems where optimal integration and the smallest footprint is essential. We give our partners the option to utilize their own supply chain with components from Tobii.

Tobii EyeSensors

Eye Tracking is our core, but our system unlocks more capabilities than that

Key components of the Tobii Eye Tracker in the IS4 include Tobii’s EyeSensors (sensor modules and illuminators) and its advanced eye tracking algorithms. Custom-made to unlock more capabilities than just eye tracking, Tobii EyeSensors deliver data for eye tracking and images that can be used for robust multi-modal performance and biometrics, eg. for Windows Hello.

Tobii EyeSensors in the IS4 read eye movements at 60-90 Hz. The EyeSensors include on-axis near-infrared (NIR) illuminators and Tobii’s custom off-axis NIR illuminator solution.

In addition to eye tracking the Tobii IS4 provides a platform for:

  • Head position and tracking
  • Face recognition and identification/autentication (eg. for Windows Hello)
  • Facial feature tracking
  • Gestures 
  • Presence
Tobii Eye Sensor with specs

Tobii EyeChip™

The brain of the eye tracking experience

We convey complex emotions through the eyes. We show our intentions with our eyes. Consciously or subconsciously, we interact with the world around us through our eyes. Now, what if machines and devices have a unique ability to interpret all this by tracking our eye movements?

EyeChip top Compare

The world’s first dedicated eye tracking SoC ASIC

Truly one of a kind, the Tobii EyeChip™ is the first SoC ASIC ever developed specifically for eye tracking. With its processing capabilities and easy integration into consumer devices, the EyeChip™ is a catalyst in bringing robust eye-tracking to the consumer market. The Tobii EyeChip™ empowers equipment manufacturers to achieve optimal eye tracking performance in devices where it previously hasn’t been feasible.

Seamless integration for everyday devices

The Tobii EyeChip™ condenses 15 years of eye tracking development into one self-sustained low power SoC ASIC. It combines unique hardware engines invented for eye tracking with a vectorized image signal processor and in-package LP DDR memory for seamless integration into a wide variety of consumer devices. These devices include PCs and laptops, tablets, cars, VR headsets and many others - where EyeChip act as an on-board processor delivering powerful eye tracking capabilities.

Next generation eye tracking

When integrated into consumer devices, the EyeChip™ controls critical eye tracking components - the EyeSensors (NIR sensors and illuminators), and implements Tobii’s sixth generation EyeCore algorithms to make exceptional eye tracking possible. The EyeChip™ is the brain of Tobii’s next-generation IS4 Eye Tracking Module, the world’s most advanced eye tracking platform.

Tobii EyeChip Focus

Biometrics and Multi-Modality

Designed for biometrics and multi-modality, the EyeChip™ offers on-chip processing and enhanced data streams to host. It's embedded processing, hardware engines, and in-package memory enables its compact structure while using less system power than any eye tracking device ever made. 

In addition to eye tracking a Tobii system provides a platform for:

  • Head position and tracking
  • Face recognition and identification/autentication
  • Facial feature tracking
  • Gestures 
  • Presence

Embedded processing reduces CPU load and power

Setting the EyeChip™ apart is its on-chip ISP and HW engines that enables fully embedded processing for eye tracking, biometric data and other modalities. EyeChip™ reduces total processing power by up to 15 times compared to a host processed system with a 45-watt Intel Core i7 processor. To support processing, the EyeChip™ offers dual-channel accelerated tracking hardware engines, including a dedicated ISP system with a specific vector-instruction set, as well as large data caches for a single-cycle "fetch and execute" operation.

The compact size of the EyeChip™ and the embedded processing makes it ideal for integrations into smaller devices such as VR headsets, where it offloads the burdens of image processing and control of a complex eye tracking or biometrics system.

Tobii EyeCore® - the most advanced eye tracking algorithm core

With Tobii EyeCore® implemented into the EyeChip™ your eye tracking enabled device will work with more users than ever. Creating the most natural, easy-to-use and effective eye-tracking product to date.

Tobii EyeCore® is packed with the most advanced image-processing algorithms and mathematical models to map the complexities and diversities of the human eye. Developed over 15 years and six platform generations, Tobii EyeCore® is based on millions of images of eyes that have helped to test and refine it across an array of different users, ambient conditions and environments. It supports eye tracking capabilities regardless of external factors such as the user’s appearance, pupil size, eyewear, glasses and contact lenses, ambient lighting, shapes, patterns and more. The design also enables superior, consistent accuracy and supports larger head movements and motion for users.

Integrated Sensor Control

While other solutions require a separate controller chip, the EyeChip™ offers advanced, integrated sensor control. The EyeChip™ can deliver eye gaze data over USB2, I2C or SPI. The EyeChip™ controls infrared illuminators that work by illuminating the user in front of a device, which allows for the NIR sensors to lock onto the user’s face and eyes, and follow his or her gaze to understand what the eyes are focusing on.

Dramatically reduced bandwidth load

There are plenty of reasons why The EyeChip™ is a remarkable innovation and this is one of the biggest. The EyeChip™ provides more easily integrated hardware interfaces and 1,000 times decreased bandwidth load to host at just 0.1 Mbps versus 100 Mbps.


What does the EyeChip™ mean for your users?

For end users, a key benefit of the EyeChip™ is the ability to incorporate eye tracking into their most-used devices and bring all kinds of new experiences along with it. From everyday computer use and driving cars to VR scenarios and more. The technology can easily interpret where a user’s eyes are looking, enabling a device to know what users want to interact with before they even touch it. In essence, the EyeChip™ helps a computer to understand the user after decades of it being the other way round.

Technical Specifications:


  • Low Power ASIC design
  • Vectorized ISP and Tobii EyeEngines
  • LPDDR 512 Mbit (stacked)
  • 8x8 mm VFBGA
  • 116 balls
  • 0.5 mm pitch




  • USB2 (480Mbit/s)
  • 2 x CSI-2 MIPI (4 lanes)
  • I2C (assignable)
  • SPI (programmable)
  • SPI Flash ctrl XIP
  • JTAG, RS232, UART




  • Designed for multi-modality
  • On chip processing and/or enhanced image data streams to host