Integrated IS4

Laptop, Monitors, All-In-One

Bring eye tracking and biometric-enabled devices to the masses. Integrate Tobii's complete, standardized eye tracking and sensor technology platform, the Tobii IS4 Platform for Computer Devices and Peripherals Integration. Processing in Tobii EyeChip™.

Our integration kit include the PCA integration module, integration guidelines, licensing and software.

Tobii IS4 Platform

The most advanced Eye Tracking + Biometric platform available. Anywhere.

The IS4 is our 6th generation eye tracker with compact size and power footprint. It’s geared towards seamless integration into consumer devices, enabling entirely new applications and a fresh, new eye tracking experience to both professionals and end consumers.

Support for Windows Hello

Our eye tracking technology is the first of its kind to support Windows 10’s biometric security feature. Facial recognition support for Windows Hello is intended to be standard on all future Tobii eye tracking platforms. This means that Tobii’s technology enables future devices with an enhanced user experience. With both biometric security as well as the magic of eye tracking – all on the same sensor.

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The basics of how it works

  • The IS4’s infrared illuminators create reflection patterns on the user's eyes. By detecting these patterns, in combination with features from the user’s face and eyes, this allows the sensors to detect gaze and eye movements.
  • This allows the computer to understand the user and enables amazing human-machine interactions.
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For devices that are used every day.

The IS4 can be easily integrated into consumer devices:

  • Notebooks
  • All-in-one PCs
  • Desktop Monitors
  • Detachable Ultrabooks
  • PC Peripherals and other devices.

It enables robust, accurate eye tracking for a range of applications, offering gaze point, eye position, head pose, biometrics and near-infrared VGA image stream.

The platform also includes Tobii’s Engine and software development kit to offer streamed data, gaze awareness, behaviors, configuration and calibration.

Through our custom sensors, we provide the optimal camera for eye tracking. And through Tobii EyeChip™, the platform is unique by providing all algorithms and control on the IS4 module itself. This reduces CPU load and enables advanced power schemes.

Tracks anyone, anywhere.

Designed for all consumers - Providing advanced eye tracking for more people than any other solution available. 

Designed for all conditions - The platform can track a user’s gaze direction across a wider variety of conditions than any other platform available. For example varying user positions, lighting conditions, pupil size, makeup, dirt or smudges, out of focus and eyewear or contact lenses.

Consistent Accuracy – The platform maintains consistent accuracy for more people in more conditions than any other available consumer solutions. It is proven to work for practically anyone.

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All about footprint, performance and size.

The IS4 Eye Tracking Module is uniquely designed to deliver optimal performance, offering the most power-efficient eye tracking solution – that’s both competitively priced and easy to integrate.

The IS4’s compact size, low CPU and bus load makes it ideal for integration into consumer devices, including notebooks. As Tobii’s newest eye tracking platform, the IS4 is compact and more powerful than any eye tracking device available.

Tobii EyeChip™

The Tobii IS4 platform includes the first ever SoC ASIC developed specifically for eye tracking. Read more about the Tobii EyeChip™.

So much more than Eye Tracking.

Tobii IS4 is engineered as a multi-modality platform to bring not only superior eye tracking functionality but also biometrics performance to devices and applications. The platform and Tobii EyeSensors, deliver images of the face for more robust multi-modal performance and biometric data.

In addition to eye tracking, the Tobii IS4 provides a platform for:

  • Head position
  • Face ID and recognition, eg Windows Hello
  • Head tracking
  • Gestures
  • Facial feature tracking
  • Presence

Eye tracking can be combined with these modalities as well as with keyboard, touchpad, voice and other controls. So the user has the most natural, intuitive control of their device.

IS4 platform with Pen and Award

Why your users will love it

Users believe in and enjoy technology that works. Compared to other eye tracking solutions, the IS4 provides superior tracking robustness and consistent accuracy, aimed at delivering the most useful, engaging experience to the end user.

Not only does the eye tracker work on virtually anyone and everyone, it’s also the first to meet the requirements for integration into consumer notebooks.

IS4 allows more freedom for the user to move around in front of the eye tracker. The Tobii IS4 Eye Tracking Module marks a major leap forward in the evolution of eye tracking technology and the development of new, exciting product applications based on eye tracking.

Its unique specifications enable it to deliver an exceptional eye tracking experience across a range of mainstream consumer devices and environments.

For a truly immersive, intuitive user experience.

With more experience in gaze interaction than any other eye tracking company, Tobii has developed the IS4 to provide an exceptional gaze experience and supports the greatest freedom of movement and largest motion of the user’s head.

This is critical in creating a very natural, immersive user experience that is unique to the IS4.

When integrated into notebooks, this eye tracking capability enables devices to know what users want to interact with before they even touch the mouse – all by simply flicking their eyes across the screen.

Break ground on uncharted territory with Tobii

The IS4 is based on Tobii’s comprehensive patents portfolio and application with distinctive inventions, and development of over a dozen products on six generations of eye tracking systems. 

Tobii develops its solutions in close collaboration with the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers, ensuring its solutions are flawlessly designed and scale rapidly to mass quantities.

This enables manufacturers to introduce an outstanding eye tracking experience to market in the shortest time, bringing the power of eye tracking to a variety of devices where it has not been before.

By forging a new market for consumer eye tracking products, Tobii’s IS4 is the foundation for the future of devices with immersive experiences.

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The hardware beneath the world's first consumer eye tracker.

As the powerful predecessor to the IS4, this eye tracking platform has impeccable robustness and performance, with host-based processing for Windows integration into monitors and computer peripherals like the world's first gaming eye tracker - SteelSeries Sentry.

Tobii’s 5th generation eye tracker that made history.

The IS3 became the first ever eye tracking solution designed for consumer applications.

It leverages Tobii’s legacy of superior hardware technology and software algorithms as well as Tobii’s intellectual property to create industry-leading solutions.

It provides world class eye tracking performance for use by a large majority of the world’s population, over time and over varying environments.  

For users no matter who or where they are. 

Thanks to innovative dynamic projection patterns and a greatly enhanced algorithm engine, the Tobii IS3 delivers considerably higher tracking robustness and accuracy.

It works across a diverse range of individuals, regardless of facial features, ethnicity, eyewear or contact lenses. It also works in highly variable light conditions and gives the user extensive freedom of head movement while maintaining accuracy. 

Compatible & Competitive.

Tobii IS3 is compatible with all software developed for consumer devices built on the Tobii EyeX Engine and its APIs.

All of it is available at a significantly price-competitive solution compared to other eye trackers on the market.

Validated for Windows Hello

The IS3 platform is also validated for Windows’s biometric security feature. This means that Tobii’s sensors work with Microsoft’s face recognition algorithms, allowing users with Windows 10 devices to enjoy secure login with their presence. This can already be experienced with existing eye trackers running on this platform.

Sentry Image

Consumers are loving it

SteelSeries Sentry

Developed in partnership with SteelSeries - one of the biggest names in Gaming, the IS3 is at the heart of this consumer peripheral.

With abilities to delve right into the game’s world and manipulate objects just by looking at them, Tobii IS3 offers a unique degree of immersion that users have not experienced before.

The IS3 is an award-winning solution having helped the SteelSeries Sentry win the Digital Trends 'Top Tech' award at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.


Integrating Tobii IS3.

The IS3 provides device manufacturers the platform to offer users revolutionary new user experiences by integrating it preferably into:

  • Peripherals
  • All-in-one devices
  • Desktop monitors

Flexibility in physical design.

IS3 for peripheral use

    • PCB Platform
    • Power and data over USB 3.0

IS3 for built-in solutions

    • PCB Platform 
    • Data over USB 3.0
    • Power over dedicated connector

Key Features

Superior tracking performance

  • Works on a vast majority of the world's population
  • Offers consistent accuracy and precision independent of  head movement, user physiognomy and lighting conditions

Ready for integration in mass market products

  • Competitive pricing
  • Tobii has existing production capabilities with large scalability

Optimized for Tobii EyeX

  • Compatible with any software developed on the Tobii EyeX Devkit
  • Compatible with all software developed for other consumer devices built on Tobii’s eye tracking technology