Tobii IS4 Integration Program

Welcome to the first eye tracking system designed for consumer device integration. Now ready for evaluation, see if your next generation products are ready for the eye tracking revolution. Register below to get your evaluation kit.

Tobii IS4-Base

The most compact, most consistently accurate eye tracking platform developed thus far. It’s the first to meet integration requirements for consumer devices, such as low power consumption and the flexibility to integrate with multiple system design configurations. Optimized for cost, it offers OEM’s and integrators a lightweight platform with near infrared sensors, illuminators, Tobii EyeCore™ algorithms, Tobii’s proprietary middleware engine and an SDK. On top of all this, it also comes with the first ever SoC ASIC specifically engineered for eye tracking – Tobii EyeChip™.

The platform also provides a foundation for a variety of third-party, multi-modality applications and interactions to be built with IS4, including Face ID, head tracking and facial feature tracking. Find out more about the IS4 here.

Image of IS4 EVAL model

Interested in being part of the eye tracking revolution?

Register below to receive your IS4-Base Evaluation Kit*, which includes:

  • IS4 Laptop controller for integration evaluation

and collaterals including:

  • Integration guide
  • CAD files
  • Product sheet
  • Setup guide

*You’ll be asked to comply with an NDA before receiving your kit. 

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