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Software & User Experience

The ultimate eye tracking experience with new standards for natural user interfaces.

When you integrate an eye tracker from Tobii you get both an eye tracker and full user experiences. Tobii offers a set of complete software products from Tobii and our partners. 

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Eye Tracking Software and experiences

Eye tracking can equip your device with unique and groundbreaking features.

Gaming is where we’ve pioneered the benefits of gaze interaction for real-world consumers, and we can help you bring it into areas beyond that.

Leveraging our 15 years of extensive software development, you get capabilities and opportunites to develop new experiences for your users to explore and enjoy with every Tobii eye tracking solution.


The Gaming Revolution

Gaming is leading the charge in offering users experiences that weren’t possible before Tobii’s advancements in eye tracking.

We’ve cultivated close relationships with a large number of gaming studios who are building eye tracking into their games. Close to 10,000 Tobii Dev Kits are out with developers and the number is growing. We're actively working with 150 studios (and counting) to integrate eye tracking immersions into their games.

Eye Tracking is already integrated into AAA games from Assassin's Creed to theHunter and classic indie arcade games. Explore new capabilities in games like 'Infinite Screen', 'Natural Targeting' and more.

When you integrate an eye tracker from Tobii all of these games works on your device, out of the box. They will make your device stand out. Imagine coming into a retail store when the salesperson tells you: “Our two best gaming laptops are these two, with this one you can fire with your eyes”.

Try out cool gaming apps with integrated eye tracking here.

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Aim & Shoot with Your Eyes

Eye Tracking allows for gamers to run & aim like in real life – Aim at an enemy with your eyes and press a button to fire. Combine the power of your hands and eyes to have your character do multiple things simultaneously. Aim and shoot at an enemy with your mouse in one direction, while throwing a hand grenade at an advancing bad guy on the opposite side of the screen.

Experience More Use Cases for Games here

Create an Infinite Screen

Eye Tracking allows control of the game camera’s field of view, essentially expanding the scene which creates a more engrossing experience. As you gaze across the screen, the game intuitively pans to where and what you want to look at.

Experience More Use Cases for Games

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Tobii for SteelSeries: Streaming

With SteelSeries Engine, the streaming gamer can show viewers where he or she is looking at all times. The streaming application displays exactly where the streamer’s eyes are focused. Instead of just seeing where the streamer is clicking, viewers now also see where the streamer is paying attention. Viewers can learn more easily from the streamer as to how they think and strategize, eg. by noticing how often the streamer uses different tools like the minimap or enemy items.

The viewer experience becomes much richer since viewers can get a sneak peak into the future. When you know where the streamer is looking, you know where they're likely to make the next move or attack. 

The SteelSeries Sentry was the first peripheral launched with this application.

Exponential Capabilities with our Ecosystem

Thousands are already enjoying completely new capabilities with the natural power of their gaze - where devices are trained to know your intentions.

We’re cultivating an entire eco-system that keeps growing. More and more astonishing use cases are coming to the fore, with integrations built on C++, .NET, Unreal Engine, and Unity.

Power up your device with these robust connections and integrations from Windows to our list of incredible gaming apps.


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Eye Tracking Core Software

Eye Tracking software for amazing devices

Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software enables new functions that revolutionize our daily computer interaction. It enhances the experience for any laptop with a touchpad enabling users to point with their eyes naturally and intuitively.

Users can then avoid cumbersome and unnecessary movement of having to reach for their mouse or drag a finger several times on a touchpad to move the mouse cursor to where he or she is already looking. This caters for a much more natural and intuitive interaction with the device. People can now "touch where you look".

We’re on the way to making eye tracking a standard in human-computer interaction. These capabilities are just around the corner, and we're just started - there’re loads more on the way. So keep an eye out.

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 Mind-blowing Interactions

  • Touch @ gaze: Look at the object you want to click, place your finger on the touchpad, adjust if necessary and release. Presto! You have selected.
  • Right-click @ gaze: Look at an object, put down one finger to select it and tap with another finger to create a right click.
  • Zoom @ gaze: Look at a picture or a map and pinch with your fingers on the touchpad. The map will zoom precisely where you’re looking.
  • Scroll @ gaze: Look at a window, place two fingers on the touchpad and drag down. You will scroll within that window. If you look at another window you will automatically scroll within that one too.
  • Select app @ gaze: Place three fingers on the touchpad and push them upward. You will see the app switcher menu. Look at an object, lift your fingers and you have selected it.

Natural & Intuitive Experiences

Tobii eye tracking is for devices of the 21st century. Devices delivering natural and intuitive experiences. To achieve this, devices need to know if someone is in front of it, who that is, where their attention is focused on screen and when they step away. With eye tracking, it’s all possible.

Equip your device with these magical powers. A device or computer equipped with an eye tracker “knows” a users intentions because what you look at is a good approximation of what you think. With eye tracking we can humanize our technology. 

Customize existing applications for device bundling or include it in your own settings to create humanized experiences with examples like 'Autolock', Dim Screen' and 'Stay Awake.'


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Humanized Technology

  • Windows Hello
    Biometric security has never been this seamless. Powered by Microsoft and Tobii, a Windows 10 device allows a user the most natural way to sign in securely to apps and services using their presence.
  • Autolock
    When you walk away from your device, you want it to be locked in order to avoid unauthorized access. Devices equipped with Tobii eye tracking can do this. Automatically and seamlessly.
  • Dim Screen
    The eye tracker knows if you are looking at the screen. If looking away. the device notices this and automatically dims the screen, saving power and giving privacy.
  • Stay Awake
    Let's say you're in a meeting with your laptop but you haven't typed in a while. Today's devices can't anticipate when you want to perform an action or not. With Tobii eye tracking they do. They understand you are in front of the computer and will stay awake until you step away from it.


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Tobii Developer Zone

Our very own Developer Zone provides a playground for visionaries wanting to develop cool stuff with the use of eye tracking technology.

Here developers can download SDK packages and tools, find specific documentation, discuss development topics, learn how to migrate from older development kits, or request new features.

We are more than happy to develop further great experiences with future partners. Contact us for a chat around the magic we can create together.


A Light & Comprehensive SDK

Tobii has a comprehensive SDK and development forum, enabling any device manufacturer to customize their software experience.

The Tobii EyeX SDK provides developers with the tools needed to build eye-gaze enabled applications faster and easier than ever before.