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Implement eye tracking in your VR HMD by adapting our VR eye tracking platform to your VR headset.

Every VR headset is different. Tobii will perform custom adaptations of our state-of-the-art gaze tracking technology to optimize for your headset.

How Tobii can help improve VR

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Platform enhancements for VR graphics rendering

  • Gaze Prioritized Graphics

Tobii eye tracking allows for Gaze Prioritized Graphics also known as Foveated Rendering. It displays the highest resolution graphics specifically in the region the user is currently looking while simultaneously displaying lower resolution graphics to areas on the screen in the user’s peripheral vision.

This functionality requires extremely fast, precise and continuously accurate eye tracking to effectively bridge the communication gap between the user’s eye movement and the content’s current display within the HMD.

With this optimization, screens can use significantly less bandwidth from the CPU and GPU without sacrificing highly-detailed and realistic environments for the user in crisp, brilliant resolution.

Tobii’s VR eye tracking platform provides gaze data that can be used for foveated rendering.

  • Accurate 3D Stereoscopic Rendering

In order to build a VR headset with accurate 3D rendering for all users, the system needs to know the correct eye position for each user at all times. For example, if the inter-pupillary distance of a particular user is different to what the VR system is set up for the 3D rendering will become incorrect. Tobii’s VR eye tracking platform provides consistent accurate eye position measurements in all key dimensions.

Gaming Immersions

This functionality harnesses natural eye movement to make environment and characters more realistic and interactive in games:

  • Natural Targeting Natural Targeting – To pick up, aim or throw an object, users will now only need to look in a direction or at an object rather than physically motion their forehead towards the object. This interaction is natural, intuitive and seamless because it so closely mimics real-life interaction.
  • Eye Contact This fundamental non-verbal communication is critical to our interaction with others in the real world. Bringing the same principle to character interaction in a VR film or game makes users even more deeply immersed. Characters are then able to come to life and interact with, or ignore users based on eye contact.
  • Immersive Graphics and SoundTo create emotive reactions from users it is critical to know where their attention is focused. For example, to create a scary or surprising environment, sounds and characters may appear from where users are not currently looking. In contrast, users can also be calmed when graphical objects are presented in areas that are expected and feel natural to the user.

Redefining The Movie Experience

Our goal is to humanize technology - with Tobii eye tracking, it’s more about the ‘reality’ than the ‘virtual’. You can create truly immersive and natural movie experiences with eye tracking enabled VR headsets in ways such as:

  • Personalized Movies - 'Choose your own adventure'

Content that unfolds and ends differently based on where the user’s eyes are focused throughout the storyline. Thus creating entirely unique experiences while building in repeat-use value for consumers.

  • Heightened Emotions

When things suddenly appear in the corner of our eyes, we react.  Be it with shock, fear, hesitation or suspicion, our emotions are instantly stirred. Eye tracking in VR has the unique ability to tap into our basic human emotions in a way that will pull the user deeper into the VR experience.

*For researchers who want to develop VR tools for analytical or research purposes, Tobii Pro offers VR integration services. Click here to read more or to contact Tobii Pro.

Hey VR visionaries. Why go with Tobii?

Dedicated ASIC

Designed specifically for eye tracking Tobii EyeChip™ compact size and powerful processing provides particularly strong benefits in VR applications and devices.

The EyeChip reduces CPU bus load and optimizes power and performance without requiring a significant footprint within the device.

 Tobii EyeCore® Algorithm

The Tobii EyeCore® is the world's most advanced eye tracking algorithm core, developed over 15 years and six generations, proven in the world’s best screen-based eye trackers and in 2 market-leading wearable eye tracking products.

Over the years of development we have trained our algorithms on millions of images of eyes in our quest to perfect eye tracking and make it work with everyone. We have also perfected a technology that solves difficult challenges such as compensating for ‘slippage’ of the headset on the user’s head without losing accuracy or requiring recalibration.

RnD + IP

Our extensive knowledge in creating both hardware and software components for tailor-made eye tracking systems ensures our customers have the full solution. Simply put, Tobii gives you the very best in eye tracking for VR. And, the most naturally immersive user interface ever developed.

Products from Tobii includes licenses to the world’s largest portfolio of eye tracking patents, covering critical aspects of hardware design, algorithms and user experience concepts.

Turn VR on its head with new possibilities.

Let's make it happen.

We’re not just aiming to improve user interfaces and graphics rendering in virtual reality products. We’re seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with eye tracking and VR.

VR Head-mounted Display equipped with an eye tracker 'knows' a user's intentions because what you look at is a good approximation of what you think. Since we convey many of our complex human emotions using our eyes, eye tracking provides an unprecedented way to bring the real and the unreal closer together.

Leveraging Tobii's extensive experience in developing wearable eye tracking devices Tobii will provide custom eye tracking integration solutions optimized for VR. Tobii’s VR eye tracking solutions will provide compact, accurate, low-latency, low-cost and reliable tracking of pupil position and gaze direction, available as either a dedicated ASIC or using host-based processing.

Contact Tobii and join us pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with eye tracking and VR.

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