Better devices. Better experiences.

Virtual Reality

Eye tracking enables new possibilities in virtual reality - from improved HMD performance through Foveated Rendering to a range of powerfully immersive user experiences.

Tobii’s eye tracking platform can be adapted and optimized for your VR headset.

Better Devices

Foveated Rendering

Foveated Rendering

By understanding where you are looking, HMDs can direct high-definition graphics processing power to that exact spot in real time. This enables higher definition displays, more efficient devices, longer battery life, or increased mobility.

Inter-Pupillary Distance

Inter-Pupillary Distance with VR

VR/ AR devices can automatically calibrate images to align with your pupils. This lets devices adapt to individual users, helping to increase the visual quality and comfort of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

User Identification

Iris ID with eye tracking in VR

HMDs with eye tracking can recognize the user to enhance security and simplify profile management for multiple users.

Better Experiences

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-Eye Cordination with eye tracking in VR

Eye tracking enables interaction based on the fundamental concept of hand-eye coordination. By allowing users to intuitively use their gaze and act with their hands and associated controllers, VR and AR experiences become more immersive and familiar.

Interactive Eye Contact

Interactive Eye Contact with eye tracking in VR

Tracking the user’s gaze gives way for the expression of a fundamental dimension of human interaction – eye contact. The addition of true eye contact to virtual reality helps deliver on the promise of VR as a new medium for social interaction.

2-step interaction

2-step interaction with eye tracking in VR

Interaction with virtual objects as well as menu navigation and selection can be streamlined dramatically by understanding user attention and intention. You simply look at what you want to select and click the controller.

About VR

Dedicated ASIC

Designed specifically for eye tracking, the Tobii EyeChip™ has a compact size and powerful processing that provides particularly strong benefits in VR applications and devices.

The EyeChip reduces CPU bus load and optimizes power and performance without requiring a significant footprint within the device.

Tobii EyeCore® Algorithm

The world's most advanced eye tracking algorithm core, developed over 15 years and six generations. 

In our quest to perfect eye tracking and make it work with everyone, our algorithms were trained on millions of images of eyes over years of development. Our technology also solves difficult challenges such as compensating for the headset shifting on the user’s head without losing accuracy or requiring recalibration.

RnD + IP

Our extensive experience in creating both hardware and software components for tailor-made eye tracking systems ensures our customers have the full solution.

Products from Tobii includes licenses to the world’s largest portfolio of eye tracking patents, covering critical aspects of hardware design, algorithms and user experience concepts.

Tobii Tech VR

"Trying Tobii's technology for just 30 minutes has already ruined me for every VR headset without it. I'd call that a success."

“Eye-tracking won't just be a huge deal for users, but for developers who want to make VR feel more natural and lower the barrier of entry.”

“We’ve seen plenty of excellent eye tracking in VR, but none have exceeded what we saw in Tobii’s suite at CES”

Learn more

Read more about the paradigm shift eye tracking is driving in virtual reality.

Research & Analysis

The use of eye tracking in VR creates a uniquely immersive experience opening up new research possibilities in fields like shopper research, psychology, training, and performance assessment.

Tobii Pro offers a complete solution enabling the collection, analysis and visualization of eye tracking data within VR environments. This combination of technology provides powerful analytics on a range of human behaviors and allows eye tracking studies to be run in fully-controlled virtual environments.


Turn the virtual into reality

We’re not improving user interfaces and graphics rendering in virtual reality products. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with eye tracking and VR.

VR HMDs equipped with an eye tracker understands the user's intent because what you look at is a good approximation of what you think. Since we convey many of our complex human emotions using our eyes, eye tracking provides an unprecedented way to bring the real and the unreal closer together.

See some of the possibilities for yourself with the Tobii Eye Tracking VR Devkit.

*For researchers who want to develop VR tools for analytical or research purposes, Tobii Pro offers VR integration services. Click here to read more or to contact Tobii Pro.