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Consistent Accuracy

The accuracy of eye gaze tracking is really important for most use cases, particularly if you want your device to respond to where you're looking.

It is relatively easy to obtain good accuracy eye tracking under ideal conditions. The real challenge is to maintain consistent accuracy if the user or the device move, if the ambient light changes, or if the user has not calibrated for a month.

Tobii eye trackers provide more consistent accuracy than any other available eye tracking technology.

Consistent Accuracy

Tracking Robustness

Tobii Eye Trackers works consistently on a wide variety of users with diverse physical traits and in different surroundings.

We have solved challenges of tracking users with 'droopy eyelids', long eyelashes and thick prescription glasses - it works even for people with eyewear or contacts, in rooms that are dark or bright.

Freedom of Movement

Building an eye tracker that tracks the user in one fixed position is relatively easy. Building an eye tracker that does not degrade in tracking performance when the user sits in different positions relative to the device is excruciatingly difficult.

To be a viable consumer proposition, the user must be able to sit in any natural position relative to the device. Tobii’s eye tracking technology maintains tracking performance across a larger freedom of movement (in all dimensions) than any other eye tracker on the market.


Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Movement

Maintained Device Performance

Compared to any other eye tracking system, Tobii’s eye tracking technology dramatically reduces CPU consumption, bus load and power consumption.

This is due to numerous key innovations and proprietary technologies, among others the Tobii EyeChip SoC ASIC, region-of-interest-technology and custom sensor technology.

Ease of Integration

Tobii has invested tremendous effort in making high performance eye tracking possible on miniature components. This allows us to provide eye tracking systems with a compact size, minimizing impact on industrial design of your device.

The Tobii EyeChip ASIC makes system integration much easier, since it is an autonomous system with fully embedded processing that minimizes impact on the host, and offers readily available hardware interfaces.

Freedom of Movement