System architecture

System Overview

A Tobii eye tracker solution contains all the required hardware, the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software development and experience solutions plus applications such as games running on a Tobii eye tracker. 


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Tobii EyeCore®

Algorithms are the intelligence of the eye tracker that are processed either on the computer or on a dedicated processor (Tobii EyeChip™). The algorithms control the sensors and the illuminators. Based on the sensor images they identify and calculate the position of the eyes, where the user is looking and the size of the pupils. Tobii EyeCore® is the leading eye tracking algorithm.

Developed over 15 years and six generations, all eye tracking algorithms and biometric data (eg. Windows Hello), as well as EyeSensor control, falls under Tobii EyeCore®. It implements many of Tobii's patents, covering critical aspects of hardware design, algorithms and user experience concepts. More than 100 years of combined experience are gathered into the development of Tobii EyeCore®.

Evolving to be extremely robust and work on virtually all people under all specified conditions which, depending on platform implementation, makes Tobii EyeCore® as suitable for a mass consumer market as it is for assistive and scientific eye trackers.

Hardware Components

Tobii Components

All components have been engineered to provide a high-quality, low-cost and compact form factor eye tracking system.

We use standard components whenever we can. However, Tobii components are designed by Tobii for optimal usage in Tobii eye tracking systems for optimal eye tracking and biometric performance.

Tobii EyeChip™

The Tobii EyeChip™ is the brain of the eye tracker and includes the EyeCore® algorithm. Tobii EyeChip™ is the result of 15 years of eye tracking condensed into a single SoC.

Since its inception, Tobii has seen that existing components and solutions have not been suited for optimal performance (interface, cost and processing) of eye tracking systems. For that reason we have developed a low power SoC ASIC dedicated for implementation of the Tobii EyeCore®.

Tobii EyeSensors

Depending of system design, Tobii uses different NIR sensors and illuminators which we call Tobii EyeSensors. Tobii EyeSensors are a specific set of sensor and illuminators for each design. Tobii uses a combination of custom-designed and standard components.

The Tobii customized sensors are typically used in higher volume designs such as the IS5 platform. Tobii has developed two IR sensors based on stable but customized technology used in high volume, low power applications to suit the special needs for eye tracking and biometric data collection. Microsoft’s Windows Hello biometric functionality relies on images provided by Tobii’s sensors to work with their face recognition algorithms.

IS5 Platform components

Interaction Engine

Tobii Engine™ with SDK:

The Tobii Engine™ is the interaction engine/middleware and interface towards the Tobii eye tracker. The engine translates raw coordinates about where a user is looking into useful events in a user interface.

Software developers use the interaction engine and included developer tools to quickly and easily develop software that provides new user experiences with eye tracking. Tobii Engine™ is a powerful interaction engine that combines eye tracking with input from the keyboard, mouse and touchpad.

The Tobii Engine™ contains two main types of interfaces:

  • Stream Engine that delivers streamed data from the tracker such as gaze point, eye position, biometric data and video streams for other modalities. The stream engine is efficient and provides all necessary non-event based data.
  • Interaction Engine makes your application 'gaze aware' and gives an event e.g. when you're looking at an object on the screen. The Interaction engine of the Tobii Engine™ is powerful and allows the Eye Tracking Core software, games and other applications to implement advanced user interactions.

All Tobii eye trackers are accessed and controlled in the same way. This vouches for software consistency and maintainability as well as using the application on all Tobii eye trackers.

The Tobii Engine™ comes with an SDK for developers to implement eye tracking into their games and applications.

SDK Engine Software


Partners Tobii Tech

Software and User Experience

Eye tracking can equip devices with unique and groundbreaking features. When integrating an eye tracker from Tobii you get both an eye tracker and full user experiences. We offer a set of complete software products both from our partners and us.

Gaming is where we’ve pioneered the benefits of gaze interaction for real-world consumers, and we can help you bring it into areas beyond that.

We’ve cultivated close relationships with a large number of gaming studios who build eye tracking into their games. Close to 10,000 Tobii Dev Kits are out with developers and the number is growing. We're actively working with 150 studios (and counting) to integrate eye tracking immersions into their games.

Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software enables new functions that revolutionize our daily computer interaction. It enhances the experience for any laptop with a touchpad enabling users to point with their eyes naturally and intuitively. We’re on the way to making eye tracking a standard in human-computer interaction. These capabilities are just around the corner, and we've just started - there're loads more on the way. So keep an eye out.