Henrik Eskilsson, President and CEO of Tobii

Henrik Eskilsson, born 1974

President, Chief Executive Officer, co-founder of Tobii and Interim Business Unit President Tobii Tech

Henrik Eskilsson has been the CEO of Tobii since its inception in 2001. He has a background in entrepreneurship and is also founder of the sporting goods company Trampolinspecialisten AB. Henrik holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University, Sweden.

Shareholding in Tobii
4,526,117* shares and 286,000 warrants (Dec 31, 2018). 
*Excluding 2,835 shares held by Henrik Eskilsson AB, a company wholly owned by Henrik Eskilsson, and excluding 1,565,511 shares held by Eskilsson Consulting AB, a company in which Henrik Eskilsson is a minority shareholder with 22.5%


Mårten Skogö, Chief Science Officer of Tobii

Mårten Skogö, born 1977

Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Tobii

Mårten Skogö has been responsible for long-term development of Tobii’s eye tracking technology since its inception in 2001. He holds several patents related to eye tracking and other innovations. Before Tobii he co-founded Jenser Technology, a spin-off from the research he was doing at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Mårten studied Engineering Physics at KTH, Sweden.

Shareholding in Tobii 
2,604,930 shares and 67,993 warrants (Dec 31, 2018)

Johan Wilsby, CFO

Johan Wilsby, born 1966

Chief Financial Officer

Johan Wilsby has been the CFO at Tobii since June 2017. He has several years’ experience from positions as CFO at Fingerprint Cards and Transmode. He has also been finance director at Hewlett-Packard in the Nordic and Baltic countries and finance director for Western Europe at Microsoft. Johan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in Tobii
10,253 shares and 114,000 warrants (Dec 31, 2018)


Cecilia Eriksson, Global HR Director

Cecilia Eriksson, born 1983

Chief Human Resources Officer

Cecilia Eriksson has worked at Tobii since 2011 and she has been Chief Human Resources Officer since 2015. She has a background as a management consultant at PwC and has had several positions in the search and recruitment industry. Cecilia has a BSc in behavioral and human sciences from the University of Örebro.

Shareholding in Tobii
No shares and 58,757 warrants (Dec 31, 2018)

Fredrik Ruben, Business Unit President, Tobii Dynavox

Fredrik Ruben, born 1977

Business Unit President, Tobii Dynavox

Fredrik Ruben has been head of the business unit, Tobii Dynavox, since 2014. He was previously the President & CEO at 3L System Group (publ.) and Vitec Mäklarsystem, working internationally with bases in New York, Singapore and Sweden. Fredrik holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management from Linköping University, Sweden.

Shareholding in Tobii
59,950 shares and 198,009 warrants (Dec 31, 2018)

Tom Englund, Business Unit President, Tobii Pro

Tom Englund, born 1976

Business Unit President, Tobii Pro

Tom Englund has headed up the business unit, Tobii Pro, since 2009. His international background ranges from various executive roles at Atlas Copco and Accenture. Tom holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University, Sweden.

Shareholding in Tobii
54,120 shares and 226,811 warrants (Dec 31, 2018)

Extended Group Management Team

Sara Hyléen, Corporate Communications Director

Sara Hyléen, born 1974

Senior VP Communications and Investor Relations

Sara Hyléen has been the head of Communications and Investor Relations at Tobii since 2015. She started at Tobii 2007 and she has held several leading positions in marketing and communications within the Group. Sara has nearly 20 years’ experience from similar roles, mainly  in the tech sector. She has a BSc in Media and Communications from Lund University, Sweden.

Trent Smith

Trent Smith, born 1982

Chief IP Officer

Trent Smith has been Chief IP Officer at Tobii since 2013. He has previously held international management positions at SMART Technologies in Canada, and NextWindow in New Zealand. Trent is a registered Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney, and holds a BSc in Computer Science from Edith Cowan University, a Master of Intellectual Property from the University of Technology Sydney, and an MBA from the University of Auckland.

Jonas Jakstad

Jonas Jakstad, born 1972

Senior VP Global Operations

Jonas Jakstad has been the head of Global Operations, Tobii Group, since 2016. He was previously the COO at Maquet Critical Care AB, Getinge. Prior that Jonas had other leading positions within automotive industry, GM Powertrain. Jonas holds an MSc in Welding and Vehicle Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.